“For any business to succeed in the current era using internet marketing isn’t an option any longer, it’s an absolute must!”

The purpose of this Book is to educate and encourage business owners and managers on the main aspects of internet marketing so that you can learn, and apply, the key principles along with your traditional marketing techniques to literally leapfrog your competitors whilst generating substantially more sales, profits and cash.

Internet marketing has now become a necessity as part of your marketing strategies. Without Internet Marketing it’s highly unlikely your company can increase sales or revenues.

Discover many low or no-cost internet lead generation tactics that you can begin using today to double your marketing results immediately.

#1 Best Selling Author, JOHN NORTH is a versatile and well-rounded entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Personal Development IT, Marketing and Business Management. John’s passion is to help business owners become more strategic and smarter about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded amongst his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach.

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  • This book is common sense and an easy read
  • A guide through the Internet marketing maze
  • I would surely recommend this to a friend
  • Great Concise Read Covering The Needed Details
  • #1 Best Seller!

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Everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. 


 Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done — it’s all wrong. We’ll reveal the strategies you can immediately deploy that will enable you to out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition.

 What we want to do in book is to teach you a system for marketing your business… to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you… at anytime, anywhere or at any price. What most business owners will focus on is generating more leads at any cost but this isn’t the best way to attract prospects to your business.
By following our simple 5 step plan:
  • More Leads
  • More Conversions
  • More Transactions
  • Higher Prices
  • More Profits
We can help you build a million dollar or even multi-million dollar business. #1 Best Selling Author, JOHN NORTH is a versatile and well-rounded entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Personal Development IT, Marketing and Business Management. John’s passion is to help business owners become more strategic and smarter about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded amongst his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach.
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o attract prospects to your business.

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Are you a business owner who wants to make more sales, more consistently, on your eCommerce store?

Are you staying awake at night, knowing that almost all the money you’re spending on advertising is being wasted on people who end up coming to your online store once and never come back again?

Do you feel trapped and helpless by your “web guy” who doesn’t understand the first thing about online marketing, eCommerce, or building deeper relationships with your visitors and customers?

If any of the above feelings describes you, then the “Maximum Profits” book is PERFECT for you.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Quickly Increasing the Sales of Your Online Store, on Auto-Pilot, Using the Simple 7 Step System of Time-Tested, Proven, & Easy-to-Implement “Tricks” from the eCommerce Pros. Guaranteed.

Inside this book, you’ll learn the PROVEN & STEP-BY-STEP marketing system that we use (inside our own eCommerce businesses and in the online stores of our coaching and consulting clients) to maximize the sales and profits of every single visitor to our stores.

The information that you’ll learn is worth tens of thousands of dollars in potential profit, if implemented correctly.

In addition, some of the other eCommerce marketing tips, tricks, & techniques you’ll learn include:

– How to IMMEDIATELY Get More Sales & Profits from Every Single Visitor to your eCommerce Site (without spending one cent on additional costly advertising). Guaranteed!

– How this One “Sneaky” Trick Can MAKE You Even More Profit, by Simply Giving Away “Free Shipping” on Every Single Order.

– How to “Cut-and-Paste” Some Simple Code to Build Huge Free Lists, on Auto-Pilot, of Every Single Person Who Visits to Your Site (regardless if they ever opt-in or buy from you :).

– How to Quickly “Steal” My 7 Highest ROI (but simplest) Marketing Systems That We Use to Maximize our Profits, On Every One of Our Online Stores…

Every business owner who sells products through an online store or eCommerce site should be REQUIRED to read this book!

With your purchase, you’ll also receive over $700 in FREE Bonus videos, downloads, tutorials, checklists, a PDF copy of the book, Mindmap PDFs, and much more.

Take control of your online business right now! Buy “Maximum Profit$” and maximize your ROI starting in the next 10 minutes!

From the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author – Mark Mathis, MBA


Founder, eCommerce Site Owners

eCommerce Expert

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Video Marketing for Business Owners is the Ultimate 7 Step Guide for you and your small business to take the knowledge and expertise and showcase it in a way that your potential customers view you as the expert,authority, and celebrity of your niche. Attract higher quality leads with this simple to understand and implement process, but only if you truly want to take your business to the next level and stand out from your competition. Video Marketing for Business Owners: The Ultimate 7 Step Guide to Become the Expert, Authority, and Celebrity of Your Niche is sure to make your business get showcased like the Hollywood Blockbuster Hit it should be, You are worth it. It’s Your Time To Shine. Now Go and Grab your sunglasses because your future is bright.

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Sit in on industry veterans Melodie Rush and Carl Stearns who have delivered well over 1000 webinars as they discuss planning, setting up and executing webinars in both the corporate and small business worlds. In this business owners guide to webinar strategies you’ll learn how webinars can be used for sales presentations, marketing campaigns, online training and customer support. Addressing technology requirements, paid services such as WebEx, free services such as Google Hangouts, incorporating video as well as how to make money with webinars, Melodie and Carl will have you executing successful webinars like a pro as soon as tomorrow.

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We, by nature, are very social. We love to be with people, like minded people, who we share a common interest.

Event, whether it’s a birthday party, a milestone or a seminar, a conference, a workshop….we love to hang out with people.

Even the not socially inclined ones still go to these events.

It use to be that when you want to attend an event other than personal invitations for parties, you would be looking offline, at the newspaper, you’ll happen to find out about it on the radio or from word of mouth.

Nowadays, in addition to those media, the online world just got bigger and bigger.

And one of the biggest online growth is social media!

In this book we’re going to explore how social media play a very important role in event marketing.

We’re going to focus on live events mostly, we’ll also touch on virtual events and by events we’ll be covering event marketing by creating social media buzz for seminars, conferences, workshops, summits.

I’d been promoting events by social media for some of the world’s renowned speakers on the side as I still have a full time day job as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

I get asked for marketing advise and questions every now and then, and so, to answer those and share those nuggets, this book was born.

This book is very practical and user friendly with easy-to-implement strategies so you can develop a blueprint for marketing your event in no time.

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Many ask if they should do online marketing or offline marketing. They ask if they should do videos, social media and podcast. They ask if they should do direct mail, network meetings and flyers.

The answer is none of the above. Here’s why…

Without strategy, all of the rest is most definitely wasted time, effort and resources. And worse, ending up looking like, sounding like and acting like everyone else in the market.

Strategic Author Marketing gives you something no other marketing medium can give you:

A Core Message That Sells.

When you have a single core message that raises you above the noise in your market…you win!

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You’re about to discover seven simple website marketing secrets

that can make the difference between success and failure.

These secrets are so important, they can take any business

from struggling to over-flowing with prospects, customers and

cash-flow…in as little as 90-days.

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Did you know 71% of online consumers have bought a luxury item and 50% of Internet users buy between one to three luxury items every year — according to a study by InstantLuxe.com — and if you do not have an online presence, set up the right way, you may lose all access to these affluent buyers?

Did you know marketing to the affluent audience doesn’t work well with mass media so you need a more personalized approach if you want to tap into the millions of dollars spent each year by affluent buyers?

Did you know the right strategy is the difference between getting more affluent buyers who are price resistent and penny pinching consumers who don’t want to pay you what your products and services are worth?

Imagine if there was a way for you to attract upscale customers who buy faster, buy more and refer their friends & family to you because they appreciate the value you bring to their lives…

Well you don’t have to imagine it because you’re going to experience it as you read through the pages of this book; so get this book right now…and join the conversation.

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Did you know posting a video online without a distribution strategy could be like investing in a billboard in the middle of the desert; so instead of making you money, it can continue to be an expense draining your marketing budget?

Did you know syndicating a video without psychological triggers and a core message selling point can result in the majority of your viewers abandoning your website without taking a single action?

Did you know producing a video without having a broader multicultural marketing plan can set your video marketing campaigns up to fail because getting additional views from non-english speakers can make the difference between a campaign’s success…or failure?

Imagine if you had a systematic proven video marketing method that could expand your market reach, compel viewers to take a specific action — determined by you — and give you a significant return on your investment…

Well you don’t have to imagine it because in this Real Talk Interview you’re going to experience it.

And as you read through each page of this uncut conversation, you will have a clarity about how video marketing can work for your business in a way that will get you more prospects, customers and profits…in as little as 90-days from right now!

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