Unscrambling Grief is a 70 minute wander through my personal foray with grief.

We’ve experienced the loss of two young loved ones, for unexpected reasons and with no time to prepare. With emotions in total chaos, we were launched into a roller-coaster ride, that surprisingly, we survived.

Imaging having a book that you can recommend to a friend that gives them permission to grieve in their own way and time ~ remembering that grief doesn’t only relate to death.

Unscrambling Grief is a book of hope, written in a relational manner to help you or others through a difficult time.

Humorous illustrations lighten this heavy subject, so you may find yourself laughing through your tears.

I trust that you will be transported to a place where you are able to give yourself permission to deal with your own grief journey in a way that is unique to you.

Or it may be that you need to read this book in order to help someone else on their journey.

Grief may hit in the form of a broken relationship, divorce, loss of a job, bullying at school or work, being placed into aged care, dementia, moving house, moving school, losing a limb, loss of hearing, loss of eyesight, business failure, infertility, stillbirth, miscarriage and so I could go on.

What we do with our grief will depend on the choices that only we can make.

Imagine coming out at the other end of your grief journey as a happy and well-adjusted person because you made good choices about how to deal with your situation. You have the power to do that, despite others giving you their advice, thinking that they understand the path that you’re on. They don’t.

This is a journey of deep inner pain, but also a time to discover the amazing inner strength that you’ve been given.

Enjoy reading Unscrambling Grief and please recommend that your friends and family have a copy to keep up their sleeve for when their own personal grief arises, or that of a friend.

We were reminded at the launch of Unscrambling Grief, that the book is a ‘must read for everyone, as no one escapes this life without an encounter with grief.’

A financial planner we know has two copies in her office, and lends them to clients as they share stories of the trials they are facing. A friend who is a teacher has a copy in her classroom that she lends to parents who are facing difficult times.

The applications of the usefulness of Unscrambling Grief are endless.

Welcome to a walk through several chapters of our lives ……… Gail Miller

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Featuring stories by Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Cynthia Rothrock, Benny “the Jet” Urquidez and others, this collection of courageous and uplifting tales of transformation exemplifies the power of the human spirit. Each chapter sheds new light on the values required to live a life of passion, triumph and ultimate success. You will discover your own sense of purpose and power in these inspiring stories of inner and outer strength.

Melodee Meyer is a speaker, radio host, author, coach and live streaming enthusiast that helps leaders and entrepreneurs around the world create a life they want in a body they love. Aka Master Mel, is a fifth-degree Black Belt Instructor at her martial arts and kickboxing center in Santa Barbara, California.

“Black Belt Power is an absolute must-read for anyone wanting to cultivate confidence, resilience, bravery, or inner strength. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—and just maybe you’ll find yourself joining the nearest dojo so you, too, can have the power to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.”
— Jenna McCarthy, author of If It Was Easy, They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon

“It’s a fantasy every martial artist has: to sit in a room with the great masters of the past, listen to their stories, and soak up their wisdom. Master Melodee Meyer has made that dream come true with her new book. It might sound like a cliché to say, ‘I couldn’t put it down,’ but I literally had to force myself to take a break from reading so I could get back to work.”
— David-Dorian Ross, best-selling author of Exercising the Soul and founder of TaijiFit: Mindfulness in Motion

“As human beings we define ourselves by the stories we tell. The collection of inspiration, life lessons, and wisdom in Black Belt Power is a must-read.”
— Johnny G, founder and creator of Spinning®, Kranking®, and In-Trinity®

“Melodee Meyer is one of the most extraordinary examples of female power I know. Her beauty is her deep spirit, her glorious presence, and her vitality that shines from miles away. Now we are all lucky enough to go on this journey with her through these legendary and accessible stories from other great masters.”
— Jennifer Freed, PhD, author of PeaceQ and Lessons From Stanley the Cat

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Every military service member will experience three phases as he moves from a military career to a life outside the gate: transition, transformation, and integration. The foundation of “Boots” is built upon these three concepts. They provide the structure for the advice and guidelines I want to convey to you. You may experience each of these to different degrees depending on your wishes, circumstances, goals, and surrounding environment. These three stages will vary from individual to individual, and they will be shaped by one’s attitude and inner strength as well as his ability to manage the hurdles of life.
From the first day you set foot into boot camp, no matter what service you have been in, until the final days of predeployment training exercises or redeployment, you are taught to always pay attention to every detail in every situation. Our military knows how to turn you on and get you fired up for a mission. Transitioning out of boots will require the same focus on details and the energy to get fired up for your next mission, getting a job.
More than a decade of war in God knows where in the world and many of America’s treasure, our young men and women, will come home and be lost when it comes to preparing for their next fight—finding a job! Many will leave the military voluntarily; more than 1.5 million will leave in the next 5-years. Boots gives them a helping hand, a guide, their new field manual that I never had when I retired from the US Army and entered corporate America. Let me help them find their new true north.

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You CAN be safe in college. You can be strong and you can defend yourself….

Finally, a program designed specifically to empower young women as they go off to college and out on their own.

There has been so much in the news regarding young women being sexually assaulted during their college years. But what if there was a program that could teach you how to be safe and strong, from the inside, out. Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that you have the tools necessary to defend yourself?

Jodi Harrison-Lee has taken her twenty-three years of martial arts teaching and training, along with her life experiences, and developed a program to empower you. Her philosophy is based on a the idea that there are three types of strength. If all three are developed together, it will lead to the confidence necessary for you to be safe…. always.

In 7 simple, yet powerful, lessons, you will learn what these strengths are and how to develop them. You will realize the knowledge you have, and you will be given more. Through interactive video links, you will be shown techniques you can use to protect yourself, and how you can practice. Finally, you will discover the power you have inside and how to access it.

Many new experiences and adventures await. This should be a time of wonder and excitement as you continue on your path.

Let’s make sure safety is not an issue. You have what it takes!

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“An intriguing prescription and road map for relationship success.”  Kirkus reviews. 

Are you searching for your Mr Right?

Between these covers, you will learn the NEW rules of love.

You will discover how to tap into your irresistible, adventurous side to attract a strong, loving man who adores you.

Do you believe all the good men are taken?

Are you totally confused as to what men really want?

Are you with man you love, but you’re not in love with him?

Do you always end up wearing the pants in a relationship?

Are you dying to find a man who will take the lead for once?

Do you long to have children but you haven’t found your Mr Right?

Do you doubt you will ever find a man who can appreciate your strengths?

Do friends already in relationships say – ‘I can’t believe you are still single.’

Do you feel like you HAVE to be with a man in order to feel happy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this book is for you. 

Let’s talk about relationships, dating and love.

By mastering and balancing your masculine and feminine energy you will learn how to:

♥ Become a woman who attracts quality men

♥ Choose the right man for you

♥  Create excitement and chemistry in your relationship

♥ Reignite the spark in your relationship

♥ Know when it’s time to leave a relationship

And just in case you have been through Divorce… Divorce can be a horrible time. Divorce can leave you upset and it can leave you depleted of your self confidence – This is the book you need. You will learn how to reclaim YOU again. You will learn some of the mistakes you may have made and why you may have made them.

Learn how balancing masculine and feminine energy changes EVERYTHING!

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Wholesale distribution companies will find themselves at a serious disadvantage if they don’t have the correct digital marketing essentials in place.

In today’s market of instant gratification and instant delivery of information, if you cannot provide the information that your customer needs, or answers to questions that a prospect is asking, expect to find yourself left in the dust.

Whether someone is looking to purchase your product, or would like to learn more about your company, or perhaps they need some industry-specific information that doesn’t relate directly to your product or your company, the leading distributors will be those who can anticipate what their ideal customers need, sometimes before that customer knows it himself, and give it to them. Whatever it is, the distributors who understand their customers’ problems and needs and can resolve them without being “salesy” will be the distributors who will lead the pack.

For many distributors, a powerful digital marketing strategy is already a driver of revenue. As more millennials enter the workforce, there’s no question that that number of distributors who harness the power of the internet will grow.

Over the next five years, it’s safe to assume that the choices you make for company regarding its digital marketing strategy will not only impact your revenue, but also your recruiting efforts, your internal communication efforts, and perhaps even affect your ability to raise financial equity when necessary.

The challenge to meet, therefore, is not just to have a digital marketing strategy in place, but rather to have the right strategy in place for your company, and the ability to execute that strategy effectively and efficiently.

If you are a wholesale distribution business owner or executive who understands the importance of marketing on the internet today and all we’ve mentioned above, then this book is for you.

If you understand that traditional marketing methods are less effective and more expensive, and you know that by neglecting to use the internet to market your business, that you’re missing out on the powerful business results that an effective marketing strategy can give you, then this book is for you.

Whether your distribution business is just getting started with digital or online marketing or you’re interested in brushing up on the basics, this book will guide you as you set up and implement a successful internet marketing strategy and educate you about the key essentials you’ll need to stay ahead of the pack.

This book takes you through an in-depth review of digital marketing essentials for distribution companies. You’ll learn which marketing essentials will have your company better positioned as an industry leader, building stronger bonds with your customers and prospects, increasing your sales, and generating substantially more leads. You’ll learn, too, that your company can use digital marketing to create new relationships with prospects and turn them into customers, and that digital marketing will give you the ability to strengthen and grow relationships you already have with existing customers.

Our goal for you in sharing this information is to see you succeed, and get you more sustainable revenue for your company.

This is not a ‘how-to’ guide, but rather a ‘what to do’ guide. We do not advocate your doing your marketing yourself. You’ll come to understand in reading this book that marketing is complicated and vital to your company’s future. It should be handled by experts. Knowing what to expect from your marketing team, however, is why you need this book.

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Who Should Read This Book?

Plain and simple, Rule Your World is for Superhumans, Superheroes and Superstars only. It is for the rare and exceptional people in the world who prefer to celebrate and cultivate strengths in life rather than wasting precious time sorrowing over their pains and tribulations.

Forget yesterday. Have no thought for tomorrow. Instead, ask yourself who you can celebrate being right now, that you haven’t even realized that you have already become!

Do you have a Grammy winning musician or an American Idol inside of you? Are you a great author, or artist, or scientist? Maybe you have been a great athlete, but hidden inside of you is a truly world-class athlete.

Maybe you are an innovator. Perhaps you are already a successful entrepreneur, but you have missed the secret sauce that is already locked somewhere inside of you that would really make it possible to change the world…

Are you a force for good for millions of people, but you don’t know it… yet?

Maybe you are already as happy and successful professionally as you want to be. But maybe there is still something eluding you. Do you know the authentic you? Do you want… do you need… to be more exciting… more memorable… more lovable… more charismatic, than you can even imagine that you ever could be?

Maybe you want to be the world’s greatest lover… a great husband, wife, mother or father, grandmother, grandfather, or an absolutely superhuman friend, perhaps?

Maybe growing closer to your God is what would make you truly happy…

Whatever it is… You can! But this book has no answers for you! And that’s what separates it from other “self-help” books.

Say what?

No, this book will provide you with no answers… but it can escort you deep inside yourself and that is the only place where all of your answers and infinite possibilities abound.

Begin your inner sojourn today and cultivate the superhuman that is hidden but waiting so eagerly for you to find. Begin today to rule your world!

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What do a Columbia Pictures executive who put Seinfeld into syndication; the founder of Young Life Capernaum for disabled students, a New York City mob victim, and two National Guard Iraq war veterans have in common? Find out how the power of encouragement changed their lives in my new book, How To Become A Barnabas Leader.

Who is Barnabas and Why is He Important?

Most people, even most Christians don’t know just how important this man Barnabas was. Yet, because of Barnabas and a simple yet profound act of encouragement the entire world was changed. Yes, I know that is a bold statement to make but it is true. His brief place in history is recorded in The Book of Acts whose author is a medical doctor named Luke. His real name is Joe or as the Bible says, Joseph the Levite from Cyprus. He was nicknamed Barnabas by the actual Apostles who hung out for three years with Jesus. The nickname literally means Son of Encouragement. That was his gift. That was his life.

What does all this mean? If not for Barnabas

1. Encouraging this new believer Saul and

2. Encouraging the disciples and apostles in Jerusalem to accept Saul as one of them…

…then we may have never known of the incredible missionary journeys of Saul whose new name was Paul. All the letters of Paul the Apostle written to the new churches he planted and the depth of Christian teaching and instruction he provided might not exist.

But we have them today, over 2000 years later documenting the spread of Christianity. More importantly Paul’s brilliant writings teach us how to live, provide hope and courage to live out our faith. Thank God that Barnabas stepped into history at a critical moment and made a difference simply by being a man dedicated to encouraging people. As Paul’s notoriety spread, Barnabas takes a back seat. Yet he was obedient to his calling to be the Son of Encouragement.

Is it possible that this is your calling too? I encourage you to ponder that question. What if something you did or said could also change history forever for the better?

In the following chapters you are about to meet six people who have done just that.

Ever since high school in Rochester, New York I had always wanted to be a disc jockey.

When I first moved to Kansas City, a retired minister named Drexel Ferguson was caretaker at a church campground on Antioch Road in Overland Park. In exchange for being his assistant and mowing the entire twenty­ three acre lawn, we lived on the campground in what I affectionately referred to as the “cardboard cottage.” It was a cute little place with our garden planted along the side.

One day Reverend Ferguson handed me a book and suggested I read it. It was the best gift I ever could have been given. The book was The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone. Stone was a Chicago insurance man and also the manager of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Stone’s Success System book was just the huge dose of encouragement I needed to have the guts to let go of my KCNW Morning Drive Disc Jockey gig and take on my new radio sales job head on. The principles learned in that book would serve me well in a career that spanned three decades and ten radio stations from the east coast to the west coast.

It seems like such a small thing doesn’t it? But little did Drexel Ferguson know that day when he handed me a book and told me to keep it, that it would literally change the rest of my life.

How about you? Are you hearing God’s call to be an encourager?

“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

“A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life. A word of encouragement from a spouse can save a marriage. A word of encouragement from a leader can inspire a person to reach her potential.” John C. Maxwell

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Whether you feel stuck, confused and overwhelmed, or if you’re looking for a strategy to achieve your goals faster and more easily, this concise but effective guide is a perfect tool for you.

Why? Because it’s designed to help you identify your goals, dreams or challenges quickly, get crystal clear on your action steps, and move forward with more EASE and JOY.

The techniques (a series of questions, among others) shown in this guide will help you save both time and effort. They are also highly effective as a planning tool for your projects and daily issues, or simply to make sure if you’re still on track.

– You learn how to define what your challenge truly is about, the nature of it, and where you need to focus, so that you can move on with clarity, purpose and peace of mind.

-You also learn how to stay more detached from negative emotions, needless speculations, inner dialogues, and all kinds of scenarios that prevent you to build and keep the momentum.

One of the benefits of this approach is that you move through your challenge quickly.

Would you be interested?

So, do you, like many of us, struggle with achieving your dreams and goals, or solving a problem? Do you wish you could just get it done? Instead of finding yourself over-thinking every challenge?

What if, instead of racking your brains, you could save yourself time and energy (and avoid all that frustration) – and work through your issue with clarity and ease, by identifying exactly where the ROOT of the problem lies?

When we get stuck or postpone things, we usually think that the problem is due to our lack of discipline, talent, or dedication. But that’s rarely the case.

It’s not about the lack of talent.

It’s not about the lack of dedication.

It’s not about the shortage of discipline.

On the whole, there’s often an underlying conflict or confusion that prevents us to go on.

When we gain clarity, and know in our heart what action we need to take, half of our problems will naturally resolve themselves. When we know what is really going on we feel lighter in our hearts. And instead of ruminating thoughts and sleepless nights, we can open our mind to creative solutions.

Because if we cannot resolve a problem, it may be an indication that we’re not solving the right problem.

Instead, it might suggest that it’s time to go deeper.

In another words: in order to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, you must BROADEN YOUR PERSPECTIVE as much as possible.

And this is exactly the goal of this book.

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn, you don’t have to wait.

Hit the orange button and pre-order now (special PRE-ORDER PRICE $ 0,99)

(and get a SURPRISE that will come with the book when it’s released).



Laura van den Berg Sekac, M.A. is a bestselling author, Transformational coach, and self-knowledge expert.

She is a strong believer in each person’s ability to reach their innate strength and higher potential in every part of their life.

With more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, using her knack for seeing the patterns and connection between underlying behaviors and events, Laura had helped thousands of men and women around the world JUST LIKE YOU to gain clarity, larger perspective, inner confidence, and deep understanding of themselves and their life.

She is an experienced guide who will lead you quickly and skillfully to a place where you can gain a broader perspective and understand the underlying structures of your issues. From there you then can take your decisions with confidence.

Laura loves thinking out of the box, arts & nature (and much more), and she is deeply passionate about self-growth, creating new methods and concepts of thinking, and above all, celebrating life.

Laura van den Berg Sekac lives in France and works from there internationally.

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It is possible for you to find clarity, purpose and a comfortable rhythm to your life.

There is a reliable system you can use to feel good, to ignite your inner inspiration and strengthen your ability to create the life you want.

The system is yoga for life.

Thousands of years ago, a group of Hindu people decided to figure out a way to be the healthiest and happiest humans that they could be. Like our healthcare system today, their system wasn’t working for them either. So, they set out to experiment with meditation techniques, different rituals and practices to help people create their own holistic mind-body medicine routine. Over time they developed the ancient seeds of what has grown into the yoga that we know today.

In “Yoga Midlife Pain Relief Secrets” You’ll Discover Ancient Yoga Poses & Meditation Techniques To Create A Holistic Mind-Body Medicine Routine, Relieve Stress & Achieve Pain Relief…Even For Yoga Beginners!

Some of the midlife pain relief secrets revealed in the book will help you learn:

– Meditation Techniques for Beginners

– Holistic Mind-Body Medicine Routines

– How to Heal Back Pain Naturally

– How To Relax

– How To Relieve Stress

– Yoga Poses for Beginners

– Yoga for Life Mindsets

This is the way back to your authentic self, that part of you that is alive, healthy, powerful and filled with courage and passion. Remember that person?

Scroll up and grab a copy of “Yoga Midlife Pain Relief Secrets” and Get Started TODAY!

You can learn more about the author, Catherine Mazur, on her website => CatherineMazurYoga.com

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