Are you tired of falling well short of your goals? Discover the keys to unlocking your true potential and happiness.

Are you disappointed with the direction your life has gone? Feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed? Working harder but getting less done? Are you worried you lack the discipline and talent you need to make your dreams come true? Or do you know someone else who feels like this?

Life improvement strategist Laura van den Berg-Sekac has helped thousands of people create real and lasting change and pave their path to personal fulfillment. And now she can do the same for you.

Get Unstuck Now contains practical tools and innovative ideas that harness the force of your authentic self. The book takes you into the fascinating deeper layers of yourself and your life and teaches you about the real, underlying causes of getting stuck, based on Laura’s own or her clients’ experiences.

Through Laura’s time-tested system, you’ll get crystal clear about what’s holding you back and push past it to finally live the life you want.

You’ll discover:

  • How your inner and outer world relate to each other.
  • The role of your inner child(and how to eventually heal it).
  • The one crucial thing that you must do in order to finally get unstuck.
  • The important hidden rules and principles for breaking free into a focused, confident future.
  • How to align yourself in harmony with external pressures, …and much more.

Laura’s resource is your guide to taking charge of your future. If you like jargon-free advice, easy-to-follow action steps, and new perspectives on life, then you’ll love Laura van den Berg-Sekac’s empowering book.


Buy Get Unstuck Now (and get a free gift included inside) today to achieve the authentic existence of your dreams!

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I Believe I Can

I believe I can!
Come unstuck with Sandie using her change chain philosophy

You can unlock the secret to being the best version of you by adopting one simple philosophy. The change chain philosophy will teach you how to identify and eradicate the faulty patterns that hold you back. This eight-step approach will give you the belief that embracing your sense of self will help you become the complete you – the person that you should be.

Sandie Robertson’s approach to life-coaching is highly effective – but it’s also genuine, caring and, where it can be, light-hearted. You will learn to believe that being the best version of you comes from reverting to type – something everyone is easily capable of.

When something is missing in our lives, it is because we have lost our sense of self. This is caused by habits and compulsive behaviours – a faulty pattern match – and can lead to negative outcomes including:
– Hurt to yourself or others
– Poor performance or lack of success
– Anxiety, depression and lack of self-worth

The change chain philosophy teaches you to identify those patterns in you as an individual and recognise your personal triggers to poor well-being. These can be external – for example, grief or trauma – or they can be internal and are caused by faulty pattern matches. When you repeat the same actions, it will lead to the same results. The philosophy encourages you to bridge the gap caused by these patterns by providing you with a new way of thinking.

The book shows you that by reverting to type, you can amend faulty pattern matches and become the complete you. We are strongest when we revert to our true selves – like a breed of dog doing what it is bred to do (eg a cocker spaniel likes to please people, bulldog is strong-willed, a Labrador loves to swim).

The philosophy helps you to identify your must-haves, the things that prevent you from feeling that something is missing in your life. Sandie’s approach also instils in you the confidence to trust your own convictions and acknowledge your strengths and capabilities, in the same way you would see the positives in another person.

The change chain philosophy’s unique approach brings many benefits. Are you ready to achieve your goals now?

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Agile transformation and project management are life skills. Consulting with the smartest minds on the planet running fortune 500 companies, translating to centuries of wisdom, it is well understood that without transformation happening in the organizations on a regular basis and with scientifically managed tools, the companies would not have reached the zenith of success. All the information that is rolling the ball of success for them is instilled in the book in a fashion so that it can be used by the common person. We have covered the key concepts of how one can be transformational while being agile so that one can adapt to any changes in the environment along the way.

If you are looking for perfection in the author and participants, then this book is not for you. If you want to learn from the mistakes and lessons learnt from some of the best in industry, then you are at the right place. In this book we will bring to you the tools to fill up the difference between words and action.

This book will give you the secrets of how you can effectively implement change in your personal life, project, or organization – from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. It is where science and arts meet.

It takes determination, planning and effective execution to make agile transformation effective. We will show you all the myths that make you think that you cannot change or accomplish a goal give you a road map and tools to execute a change that you desire. Your age, sex, race, geography etc makes no difference. These are universal principles just like gravity….You can fight gravity or make it work for you – choice is yours.

Transformation / Change is not optional. Even if you have been successful in the past, you have to be open to change. Even large Fortune 100 companies can suffer if they are not amenable to change. Large corporations have professionals that focus on changing the organization. They get direction from leadership as to where they need to go from where they are. Then they design a road map of what it is going to take to make that journey. Along the way they measure the change to see if they are on track to make it happen. This book will give you the foundation of assessing where you are in life, what is most important to you right now that makes your life most meaningful and fulfilling. It will provide you the steps to make those goals into components that you can work on. We have not used technical jargon – instead it is in simple English so that anybody can put this to work without sophisticated tools and technology.

Transformational goals are just dreams and wishful thinking till they have been prioritized and projectized and followed thru by massive action. We do not guarantee results because it will depend on how much committed action one is willing to take. What we do know is that to sleep peacefully at night and live life fullest to the graveyard, one needs to be in this mode to make the most meaningful difference on the planet in this project called life. That is our primary goal. To give you the methods and tools so that you can live life at peak performance every single day. Financial net worth is only one of the metrics in the scorecard of life. There are many more – how many lives would be changed during and even after one leaves the planet. It is upto you to define what your metrics are, what you want your obituary to read. This will give you the thought process, the art, the science and the mechanics – everything that you need. After this, you will lose the right to complain about your past, your reasons for being successful or fulfilled in life. It is like reformatting a tablet to factory settings. All the malware that had kicked in because of external circumstances in your life will be eliminated and you will have clear vision of why you are here on this planet and what you want to be known for when taken to the graveyard. Get excited because the time has come to be the best you can be.

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Whether you feel stuck, confused and overwhelmed, or if you’re looking for a strategy to achieve your goals faster and more easily, this concise but effective guide is a perfect tool for you.

Why? Because it’s designed to help you identify your goals, dreams or challenges quickly, get crystal clear on your action steps, and move forward with more EASE and JOY.

The techniques (a series of questions, among others) shown in this guide will help you save both time and effort. They are also highly effective as a planning tool for your projects and daily issues, or simply to make sure if you’re still on track.

– You learn how to define what your challenge truly is about, the nature of it, and where you need to focus, so that you can move on with clarity, purpose and peace of mind.

-You also learn how to stay more detached from negative emotions, needless speculations, inner dialogues, and all kinds of scenarios that prevent you to build and keep the momentum.

One of the benefits of this approach is that you move through your challenge quickly.

Would you be interested?

So, do you, like many of us, struggle with achieving your dreams and goals, or solving a problem? Do you wish you could just get it done? Instead of finding yourself over-thinking every challenge?

What if, instead of racking your brains, you could save yourself time and energy (and avoid all that frustration) – and work through your issue with clarity and ease, by identifying exactly where the ROOT of the problem lies?

When we get stuck or postpone things, we usually think that the problem is due to our lack of discipline, talent, or dedication. But that’s rarely the case.

It’s not about the lack of talent.

It’s not about the lack of dedication.

It’s not about the shortage of discipline.

On the whole, there’s often an underlying conflict or confusion that prevents us to go on.

When we gain clarity, and know in our heart what action we need to take, half of our problems will naturally resolve themselves. When we know what is really going on we feel lighter in our hearts. And instead of ruminating thoughts and sleepless nights, we can open our mind to creative solutions.

Because if we cannot resolve a problem, it may be an indication that we’re not solving the right problem.

Instead, it might suggest that it’s time to go deeper.

In another words: in order to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, you must BROADEN YOUR PERSPECTIVE as much as possible.

And this is exactly the goal of this book.

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn, you don’t have to wait.

Hit the orange button and pre-order now (special PRE-ORDER PRICE $ 0,99)

(and get a SURPRISE that will come with the book when it’s released).



Laura van den Berg Sekac, M.A. is a bestselling author, Transformational coach, and self-knowledge expert.

She is a strong believer in each person’s ability to reach their innate strength and higher potential in every part of their life.

With more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, using her knack for seeing the patterns and connection between underlying behaviors and events, Laura had helped thousands of men and women around the world JUST LIKE YOU to gain clarity, larger perspective, inner confidence, and deep understanding of themselves and their life.

She is an experienced guide who will lead you quickly and skillfully to a place where you can gain a broader perspective and understand the underlying structures of your issues. From there you then can take your decisions with confidence.

Laura loves thinking out of the box, arts & nature (and much more), and she is deeply passionate about self-growth, creating new methods and concepts of thinking, and above all, celebrating life.

Laura van den Berg Sekac lives in France and works from there internationally.

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