Learn How To Break Free From The Struggle of Excess Weight Without Surgery, Sacrifice or Struggle

Discover the real secret to lose weight fast and keep it off!

Stop Dieting Start Living is a simple guide that will help you break free from yoyo dieting through focusing on health and not weight loss. This book is not another diet book or a book full of recipes, or even a push for only eating nutritious food. Instead it focuses on our inner relationship with food, our bodies and our health.

Do you think you only have two options when it comes to excess weight? Either be on a diet, or live with the excess weight? That was Ellie too.

In Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence author Ellie Savoy explains the “Powerful 5 P’s for Permanent Weight Loss” and finding freedom from food.

Priorities. Pretending. Perception. Plan. Passion.

This eye-opening book pinpoints the real reason diets don’t work and offers simple solutions to help the reader enjoy a healthy life and body. We don’t put the wrong fuel in our cars so why are we putting the wrong fuel in our bodies?

If you follow this process, this can and will work for you, too!

Bonus materials available to help you further are found at http://DietFreeandHealthy.com/bonus and can be accessed for each chapter and implemented right away.


To learn more about Ellie Savoy, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, visit http://EllieSavoy.com

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“Cracking The Health and Happiness Code, a Burn Out Antidote” provides 14 secrets on how to lower stress, get more energy, achieve more, be more productive, and have more fun in life. Throughout the book, people are guided through the various principles of life to learn how to pave the road to happiness and good health.

Author Adrian Zilani provides insight on how to achieve proper focus and learning what a person can and cannot control within their lives. He believes that if a person learns what they can control, it can reduce stress and allow them to focus more on what they do have control of.

The book also discusses a variety of ways to activate physiology. Every action that a person takes is going to have an impact on their level of happiness and the level of endorphins that are in the body. Laughing, listening to music, using the senses, and having fun can help the body to feel good and improve health at the same time.

If you have ever wondered about the different feelings and how they impact your life, this is the book you want to read. It can become your bible to work towards feelings of happiness and elation. You will soon discover how to flip the switch on some of those emotions so you can feel more of the positive ones and less of the negative ones.

Happiness is the key to health and health is the key to happiness. Find your key through the pages of this book and never look back on the unhappy days that have plagued you in the past.

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We all know what we are supposed to do – but we don’t do it.

52 week success plan makes it easy for you to tap into those very things you know will make a huge difference in your life from wealth, happiness and health. This book delivers easy steps to your personal success without having to figure out why you don’t do what you know is good for you.

Success builds on more success – and this is the simple secret. The book describes 52 different easy to succeed at habits that can significantly alter the course of your life. Each habit, is a quick read with key information as to its value and reasons why you will benefit. All you do now is commit to practice each habit daily for an entire week. If this new habit resonates well with you, then all you do is continue the habit. Success is that easy.

These habits are not new. These habits are not difficult. These habits are the same ones that the super successful people use. They are all time proven by the giants that lead before us. Like Tony Robbins, Napolean Hilll, and others.

Ordinary practices for ordinary people making people be extraordinary and live extraordinary lives!

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1. KNOW YOUR BODY: You will learn how to do a review of your body systems going from head to toe to uncover common signs and symptoms seen in patients worldwide in 21st century clinics.

2. KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Learn how agrochemicals, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals affect the endocrine and the immune systems to cause disease. The world obesity epidemic and its comorbidities, and the growing allergy epidemic are all due to environmental pollution. Many of the world’s health problems stem from miscommunication between the endocrine system and the the immune system in the face of worldwide pollution. Find out about tested solutions that will work for you and your family.

3. KNOW YOUR FOODS AND BEVERAGES: Discover the common foods and beverages that are involved in 21st century health problems and avoid them. There will still be plenty to eat. Find out what has happened to our food that is causing the rapid worldwide health crisis.

In Integrative Immunity, you will discover that your health depends on these three keys. Find these keys and open the door to your only true wealth, your health!

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As a young child, I had the unbelievable gift of a close knit family, led by loving and caring grandparents. My grandparents, like so many, tried to do everything “right.” They saved. They had fun. They saw a lawyer. They had a will. However, even their desire and attempt to do everything right, to keep a close family intact, to pass on a legacy to their loved ones didn’t come without a cost – family squabbles over things not properly considered, poorly informed adult children not having a handle on assets, hurt feelings and family disconnect.

Fast forward a few decades, to several years ago when I decided to dedicate my life as a lawyer to the practice of elder law. Very quickly, I noticed some things that, over time, have become more and more of a concern: the general lack of good, smart planning by otherwise very smart people. This concern is shared, almost universally, by my colleagues nationwide, and even worldwide, as we all struggle to cope with rapidly aging populations.

We are talking about smart people – people that have, like my grandparents, tried to do the right thing. Today’s world, however, is a very different one than my (and your) grandparents and their parents inhabited. People are living longer, but not necessarily with better health. Healthcare today often extends the quantity of life, without considering the quality of life. When this happens – as it does for most people, lack of smart planning can have devastating consequences, both personally and financially.

Fast-forward again to present day, where, in my early forties, I personally experienced what many of my clients and families go through later in life – a major health crisis. In January 2015, after a year of mysterious and misdiagnosed symptoms, I was hospitalized for 27 days and ultimately diagnosed with a rare lung disease, lymphangioleiomymatosis. Although I had been practicing in the field of elder law for several years, during my hospitalization and months of recovery I gained an even deeper understanding of how ill-prepared almost everyone is for dealing with the healthcare system and how easy it is to lose control, especially when you are most vulnerable.

This book is designed to be an introductory guide to the things that need to be discussed between adult children and aging parents – or, at the very least, considered and planned for by the aging parent. The goal is to try to fill in the many gaps that those of us dealing every day with the aging population see – gaps that are often not filled in by traditional estate planning documents, and gaps that aren’t considered within the legal world at all. As I often say, its what you don’t know, that can hurt you.

Although there are more topics and depth than could ever be explored by a single book, complexity is the enemy of progress. This book seeks to set out the most common challenges faced by families with aging loved ones, and provide some of the strategies to overcome these challenges.

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This book is for you if you have been a prisoner of your health or body. This information is for you if you’ve been ill for more than one year, and your health is staying the same or getting worse. This message is for you if you’re ready for lasting energy, vibrant health, a resilient body, and feeling more youthful with every passing year.

Marcie Peters was chronically ill for 16 years. After reversing what doctors called ‘incurable’, she set off on a mission to provide hope and strategy for others to create vibrant health. Find out what YOU need to know about reversing chronic illness and aging backward! www.AgeBackward.com

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There is so much conflicting information about what constitutes a Paleo diet and how to implement it. Culminating 10 years of patient’s results implementing her paleo diet, Ann Shippy MD defines the steps to get the best health outcomes. Consider this approach whether you are just focusing on prevention, feeling good, and looking good or you are overcoming serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurological diseases, inflammatory bowel disease or diabetes. Learn about PaleoVegan and how to prepare food that has a powerful impact on your biology and epigenetics.

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What if you are right and the system is wrong? Have you or your children been labeled ADHD? Do you want to connect to the earth and its vibrations?

What’s offered to you in this book is a step in the right direction, away from prescription drugs and towards your natural born gifts to Dance, Sing, Laugh and Play.

Make a commitment to yourself for the next 27 days to do the simple exercises suggested in this e-book and connect with your inner child, who was born to love life and live with radiant health.

This e-book contains links to 9 bonus music tracks for a unique, transformational dance experience that have the power to help you heal your Chakras and rediscover your God given talents to create and use your imagination.

“Eddie deSouza, a Spiritual Healer uses Meditation, Music and Motion to guide you to discover your natural ability to connect to the earth, live in harmony with your inner child and tap into the infinite wisdom of the Universe.”

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