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The Superwoman Complex: A Follow- Up Visit
Gutsy Glorious Life Coach: How to Turn Your Life Coaching Practice into a Soulful Money-Making Business
I AM: Kicking Down the Walls of Silence About Sexual and Mental Abuse
Millennium Marketing: How to Become a Stand Out Marketer in the 21st Century
Cover Your Arse Online: A Guide To Protecting Your Online Business Assets
Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live
The Million Dollar Egg: Conversations With A Multi-Billionaire
Against All Odds: A Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy
Shoot From The Lips: Straight Talk For The Woman Who Wants To Get Her Message Across Confidently Clearly And Succinctly
Wealth Building For The Aspiring Entrepreneur: How To Start Building Your Legacy NOW!
Bitchology: Truth and Lies About Who Men Love and Marry
LIFE LEGACY CHALLENGE: Write a Book! Share Your Wisdom, Ideas and Stories to Profit Future Generations
Cure ‘Entrepreneurialitis’: 52 Habits To Earn The FREEDOM You Deserve
Surviving The Stop: Change The Atmosphere, Change the Outcome
My Life, My Struggles, My Story: A Transformational Journey From A Life of Childhood Abuse to a Life of Love, Joy, and Success
Creating A Ripple: The Guide to Serving Millions with Mercy & Compassion through Hospitality
Seize the Day: One Girl’s Inspirational Story of Growing Up and Learning to Live a Happy, Healthy Life with Epilepsy

Same Shit, Different Day

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Same Shit, Different Day
I Didn’t Come to Say Goodbye: Navigating the Psychology of Immortality
LinkedIn Hiring Secrets for Sales & Marketing Leaders: The Winning Formula for Attracting High Performers
7 CashFlow Activators for Entrepreneurs: How to Market your Business to Consistently Attract New Clients, Make More Money so That You Can Stop Stressing and Start Enjoying the Freedom That You Expect
What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know: An Insider’s Guide on How to Reduce Stress, Reduce Costs and Get the Most From Your Lawyer
Lets Make America Great Again Together: 7 Simple Steps That We Can Do Together to Make America Even Better
Whispers of the Past: Past Life Revenge
Achievement Daily Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes
Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe: Find your Mr Right.  The New Rules For Finding Love.
The Millennial’s Ultimate Guide To Get Hired (How to get a new job, Hiring questions, Career books)
7 Simple Principles to Double Your Income: a Proven Journey to Stop Wasting Time and Build the Business of Your Dreams – Financial Advisor Edition


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Roles: The Secret to Family, Business, and Social Success
Skills Are Cheap, Passion Is Priceless: Turn Your Passion Into Unstoppable Profit Making Machine
Advanced Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome: A Metabolic Perspective
Success: What’s Fun Got to Do With It?: Exclusive wisdom of the ultra successful. Techniques hidden from school grounds.
Monetize Present Knowledge: How to Create an Online Course to Sell What You Know
Your Stress Stops Here!: 10 Strategies To Change Your Habits In 59 Seconds Or Less
Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph: Lessons from 40 years of beating the odds
Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition
CODE BLUE in the WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections
Warrioress Rising: 15 True Stories of Sexual Abuse Survivors (Hope Series)
Tackling Dummies: Playing Amateur Football Smarter
The Woman I Love: Surviving, Healing and Thriving After a Childhood of Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse

Superhero Archangel Michael

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Superhero Archangel Michael
No Place Like Home: The Hassle Free Guide to Building Your Dream Home

A High Heels Paradox

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A High Heels Paradox
Mystical Truth Tales: Magical Sand
Productivity Hacks: How to crush procrastination and get more done in less time (Productivity for Entrepreneurs, Becoming more productive, Having A Productive Day)
Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness
Dress Like You Mean Business: A Dress Strategy to Get the Career You Want
Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Cookbook: Recipes to Reclaim Your Energy
The Time Retriever: What Will You Do With The Extra Hours in Your Day?