Have you ever wondered how to find a great doctor? Maybe you’ve tried to find one to help you with a troublesome health problem, but didn’t have favorable results. Healing often requires energy guidance. It’s important that the person guiding you has your best interest and energy healing in mind. Hope and Healing is all about helping you to find the best doctor for you.

In this book, you will:

· Learn What True Healing Is and What It Is Not

· Discover Ways to Find the Doctor Who’s Perfect for You

· Learn How to Live a Life Without Dependency on Doctors or Drugs

· Get Tips and Tools to Reignite Hope, Increase Energy, and Get Better Results

· Make Powerful Decisions to Get What You Need From Your Doctor

“Hope and Healing teaches that when it comes to your health, the best answers may be found by looking outside of the box.” –Bob Proctor, Speaker, Author, and Featured Teacher from The Secret

“This book makes it clear that if you want different results, you have to do something different. Read it if you want to learn how to find a doc that will serve your needs.” –Dr. Charlie Webb, Leading Expert in Optimizing Health

“In Hope and Healing, I discovered that a woman’s health needs a special kind of understanding. She often underestimates her own needs and needs a doctor who understands them as well.” –Shannon Burnette-Gronich, Publicity Expert, Author, and Mother of Three Children

Dr. Jean Golden-Tevald has been a family physician in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey, since 1989. After graduating from Barnard College and Columbia University in New York City, she attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated with her medical degree in 1987.

After a residency in family medicine at Union Hospital in Union, New Jersey, she and her family moved to Hunterdon County to establish a family practice dedicated to relationships and personalized service.

Over the years, Dr. Jean has developed areas of special interest and pursued further specialized training in hormones, functional medicine, women’s health, and NaProTECHNOLOGY.

Finally, the time has come to bring all these threads together in MorningStar’s LifeStyle Medicine Program for Optimal Living. She is passionate about helping her patients receive the guidance they need to attain optimum health and change their lives for the better!

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Women wear so many hats in life – we are mothers, sisters, daughters etc. Each hat comes with its own expectations and we often find ourselves overwhelmed because we want to play each role well, look good and handle our business! In the Akan tribe of Ghana, the phrase obaa sima refers to a woman of strength, nurture, and love. She is more than a diva; she is an ideal woman who has the ‘it’ factor in all walks of life. We all want that ‘it’ factor, don’t we? It is right here in The “O” Factor! The “O” in The “O” Factor stands for obaa sima. In this book you will find the principles that define a modern day multi-tasking obaa sima who plays multiple roles and wears many hats. The principles are real and can be applied by women from all walks of life. Each principle is emphasized by biblical women whose decisions serve as examples, cautions, warnings or the goal for today’s obaa sima.

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You CAN be safe in college. You can be strong and you can defend yourself….

Finally, a program designed specifically to empower young women as they go off to college and out on their own.

There has been so much in the news regarding young women being sexually assaulted during their college years. But what if there was a program that could teach you how to be safe and strong, from the inside, out. Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that you have the tools necessary to defend yourself?

Jodi Harrison-Lee has taken her twenty-three years of martial arts teaching and training, along with her life experiences, and developed a program to empower you. Her philosophy is based on a the idea that there are three types of strength. If all three are developed together, it will lead to the confidence necessary for you to be safe…. always.

In 7 simple, yet powerful, lessons, you will learn what these strengths are and how to develop them. You will realize the knowledge you have, and you will be given more. Through interactive video links, you will be shown techniques you can use to protect yourself, and how you can practice. Finally, you will discover the power you have inside and how to access it.

Many new experiences and adventures await. This should be a time of wonder and excitement as you continue on your path.

Let’s make sure safety is not an issue. You have what it takes!

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A Woman’s Worth; A New Day Has Dawned, is about honesty, courage, strength, wellness and having the life that belongs to you. The Author Toni Gorman, is very honest about her childhood and how it shaped her and her values. She repeats the same relationship over and over for years, because she wanted to correct the past. She dismissed all of the flags that were raised and ended up married to a man that mirrored her childhood. She didn’t escape the marriage without damage being done. But then she made up her mind she walked away into a new day, filled with healthy love for herself, values, joy and most of all freedom to create the life she wants.

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#1 Amazon Bestseller In Women’s Spirituality

Are you a woman over forty standing at the crossroads of midlife transition-approaching retirement, about to become an empty nester, dealing with aging parents, downsizing, divorce, or loss of a loved one? Are you finally facing “me” time but now that it’s here, you don’t know what you want to do? Do you have so many interests and passions that you feel overwhelmed just thinking about where to start?

If this has you feeling excited, confused, frustrated, and scared all at the same time, then this book is for you. You’ll learn how to discover who you are, what you want, and how to create a legacy that matters!

This stage of life has given you a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect, and reinvent your life. Now is the perfect time to dream big. You can do whatever you want, and most importantly, what you were meant to do. But life is short and you need to be clear on who you are and what you want before you can craft a life that supports your deepest desires. If you want to cut to the chase and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and deserve, right now; then you need Clarity.

Discovering your true self, your unique purpose in life, and what fills your life with a burning passion is something anyone can do, including you. You just need to know how to access the information waiting inside you. Within you is a unique code hidden in your DNA that holds everything you need to know. This book presents a simple, easy to follow method to discover your 7 Inner Keys to Clarity and unlock your personal vault revealing who you really are, what you really want, and how to create a legacy that matters!

You’ll gain clarity knowing why you are here, the unique gifts you have to offer the world, and what will fill your life with joy and passion. You’ll be empowered to create a life you absolutely love and a legacy that will allow you to say with total confidence that your life mattered!

What You Will Learn In This Book:

  • A simple step-by-step method to discover your personal 7 Inner Keys to Clarity
  • What the Keys are and why they are essential to gaining the clarity you need
  • The unique gifts that you have to offer the world
  • What will fill your life with intense joy and burning passion
  • How to discover your unique combination code to unlock your unlimited personal power supply
  • Your individual road map to happiness and success on your own terms
  • How to use your inner guidance to get and stay on track for the most awesome second chapter of life
  • And much more!

If you are ready to end the constant confusion and gain the clarity you need to live a life that lights your fire and feeds your soul, then purchase this book today and step into the life you want and deserve. Now is your time!

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This is not your Cinderella story.

This is the story of Ronèl Harris, a woman who was raped numerous times by her father; who, as a little girl, had to find coal in freezing temperatures to keep her siblings warm; whose first husband died in a horrible crash; who suffered several miscarriages; who rose above all the abuse and became successful; who found peace after forgiving her father for his terrible abuses.

This is the story of a true survivor, a strong woman and an absolute role model for any woman who wants to give up because of her circumstances.

BREAK FREE lets you discover the importance of having dreams, faith and perseverance during dark times. The book serves as a wonderful example of how, despite the harshest trials, women can possess the courage to overcome whatever hardships life throws at them, that they can stand up for themselves and challenge limiting beliefs. It inspires women to become successful business owners, mothers and wives through the story of Harris, who did not let her dire circumstances dictate the course of her destiny.

But most importantly, BREAK FREE is a reminder of how love can still conquer all odds, and that a life of freedom and triumph can be achieved through the grace of forgiveness and gratitude.

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Becky Norwood endured sexual, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her father from very early childhood. It was to last for many years. Yet, she is a tribute to the unstoppable spirit that guides her life daily and has kept her not just alive, but living a full and rich life.

Through a PhD in the school of hard knocks and experience, she has come to thrive in her own right. Becky will be the first to say that healing and self love does not happen overnight.

In overcoming depression and low self confidence, coming to a place of both loving and more importantly forgiving herself for the role she played has been critical. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. Understanding that we “Do Not Owe Our Past a Place in Our Future,” Becky makes conscious decisions daily as to how her life will be each day.

The Woman I Love” is a work of heart for Becky and she feels that it could just as easily be titled “The Man I Love.” She says that statistics are that one in three girls and one in five boys are victims of incest and abuse, therefore healing steps must take place regardless of our gender.

She also recognizes the fact that those figures are likely highly inaccurate, simply because of knowing all to well the threats on not only her life but that of her siblings and mother…and later her children. Many are issued threats that keep them quiet…often for their entire lives.

The damage causes lifelong issues than can color ones world miserable for an entire life, unless steps towards healing are diligently followed. Issues often are self abuse in many forms including suicidal tendencies, drug or alcohol addiction, sexual addictions, extreme low self esteem, depression and more.

One of the greatest tools she has found is finding the courage to speak up, to tell her story. Becky feels that:

“Each human alive is a constantly unfolding story, a hero in a novel that no one else can write.”

She feels that we owe it to ourselves and future generations to speak our truth…essentially, leaving a legacy, and BE the change we want to see in our world.

As with those who have gone before her, she has witnessed firsthand the power of putting pen to paper not only to set oneself free, but to expose a travesty that occurs daily in our society.

Currently Becky works with other women to help them craft their stories. As with herself she has had the pleasure of watching others find peace through the telling of their stories.

Becky says that despite consistent efforts to heal and grow, telling her story has rewarded her with the most healing and feeling of self worth that she has ever experienced.

Indeed, why have we lived on this earth unless it is to share our own experience, perhaps sparing someone else who has gone through the same and need their own light to shine.

Becky’s others books are: The Woman I Love: Journal and Coloring Book and an upcoming series of books called “We Choose to Thrive: Voices Rising in Unison Giving Hope to Abuse Survivors That They to Can Heal and Thrive.

If you have had such an experience and want to be a part of this series, which is planned to be a documentary…please reach out to Becky at thewomaniloveisme@gmail.com


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“An intriguing prescription and road map for relationship success.”  Kirkus reviews. 

Are you searching for your Mr Right?

Between these covers, you will learn the NEW rules of love.

You will discover how to tap into your irresistible, adventurous side to attract a strong, loving man who adores you.

Do you believe all the good men are taken?

Are you totally confused as to what men really want?

Are you with man you love, but you’re not in love with him?

Do you always end up wearing the pants in a relationship?

Are you dying to find a man who will take the lead for once?

Do you long to have children but you haven’t found your Mr Right?

Do you doubt you will ever find a man who can appreciate your strengths?

Do friends already in relationships say – ‘I can’t believe you are still single.’

Do you feel like you HAVE to be with a man in order to feel happy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this book is for you. 

Let’s talk about relationships, dating and love.

By mastering and balancing your masculine and feminine energy you will learn how to:

♥ Become a woman who attracts quality men

♥ Choose the right man for you

♥  Create excitement and chemistry in your relationship

♥ Reignite the spark in your relationship

♥ Know when it’s time to leave a relationship

And just in case you have been through Divorce… Divorce can be a horrible time. Divorce can leave you upset and it can leave you depleted of your self confidence – This is the book you need. You will learn how to reclaim YOU again. You will learn some of the mistakes you may have made and why you may have made them.

Learn how balancing masculine and feminine energy changes EVERYTHING!

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“This is a practical, helpful and inspiring book for anyone who dreams of being successful in their own business.” ~ Brian Tracy – Author – Million Dollar Habits

The Entrepreneur’s Garden is an insightful and compelling book exploring the nine essential relationships that business owners need to master to be successful while keeping and growing their passion for what they do. The story follows an entrepreneur named Sally who started her own business. While things begin well, she soon finds herself grappling with growing her company. Realizing that she needs to change her approach or give up on her business reaching the next level, she sets her intentions on finding a mentor. Sally meets Dee, who enters her life as a mentor just when Sally needs it the most. Dee is a successful entrepreneur and believes in sharing how she learned to keep her businesses running smoothly while pursuing other things that were important to her. She points out to Sally that by concentrating on nine key relationships, she can surpass her dreams…and have fun doing it.

Sally learns how a relationship with self, time, money, market, team, partners, legacy, death, and results will help her realize everything she wants to do in life. Throughout the course of the book, Dee not only gives Sally the philosophy behind each relationship but also teaches the practical applications. Sally, in turn, applies the lessons in her business and shares them with others.

“When you read Divya’s book, you will discover new methods for building your business while re-remembering potent wisdom tips you once knew and forgot. Divya combines storytelling with facts in such a manner that you quickly turn pages to find the next tool which will take your business over the top.”
~ Coach Winn, Two-time Olympian, Originator of the WIN Philosophy, Founder of CoachWinnSpeaks.com

“If you want to experience more success in personal life and business, then follow and use the strategies by my friend Divya! They will help you to achieve greater success and live a more abundant life!”
~ James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
“The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach!” Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

There is NOTHING more critical to the success of your business than RELATIONSHIPS. Cultivating long-term strategic relationships is arguably the most important marketing activity you can invest your time in. Divya’s book will give you a complete strategy to implement, and the firepower you need to build lasting relationships with the kind of people that can change your business and life forever.”
~ Josh Turner
Founder – Linked Selling

“Imagine Patrick Lencioni, Steven Covey and Thich Nhat Hanh co-wrote a book on being an entrepreneur – now you have some idea of how this unique book reads. Following Sally on her journey through developing the nine vital relationships for the success of her business, you learn all she learns from her mentor Dee, and get to apply all the tools to your own entrepreneurial journey. Divya Parekh has written a success manual like none I have ever read – I wish I could write like this.”
~ Deiric McCann Executive Vice President – International Profiles International Inc. (Division of Wiley & Sons)

Divya does a wonderful job easing the stress of being an entrepreneur. Her spot-on, simple steps makes it easy to follow and apply. The book is written in a narrative form, so the reader becomes engaged in the characters, while learning important guidance at the same time. If one applies Dee’s wisdom and suggestions as Sally does, they will be able to move their business forward. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart, but Divya’s book can provide the necessary roadmap for a successful business.
~ Rhonda York, MS-Executive Coaching, PCC, BCC
President/Chief Executive Coach, Team Wide Solutions, LLC; Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach

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“Numbers mean nothing,” states respected personal trainer, wellness, and nutrition expert Danielle Girdano. She knows from personal experience how obesity and bullying lead to poor health and low self-esteem. Until she set out on her journey for better health, Girdano never realized how small steps lead to big changes and long-term behavior modification.

“Truth and knowledge are among the most important perspectives in life, and your body is the vessel for it.” In STRENGTH From Knowledge, you will gain an understanding of the role of basic movement and how nutrition is the fuel, as well as realizing the overall function for good health. You will learn the six essential nutrients, smart supermarket shopping, and be walked through whole body movement to implement in small steps. It really is Wellness over Weight!

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