There is a special formula, a practical step-by-step model, to help you grow your company into a multi-million-dollar corporation. Want to sustain a work-life balanced lifestyle while you accomplish it?

Wired for Results will show you a proven method to go from struggling business owner to successful CEO of your thriving corporation. You’ll discover what large conglomerates have paid millions to learn.

Wired for Results assembles a powerful framework that interweaves the most effective components of smart business into a solid plan. From the beginning, it takes you through every stage of expansion and change that is needed and lays out a practical path to success. Using a unique business model developed by top corporate consultant and CEO, Lucy Hoger, your idea can develop, grow and prosper. Her mantra is: success is predictable.

Achieving long-term success requires crucial knowledge in every aspect of building and growing your business: marketing and sales, financing, research and development, customer service and much more. It’s important to understand business trends, profit hacking approaches, and have an awareness of how to scale your business to be positioned and ready for the next level of success. Let’s not forget staying relevant in your marketplace to be recognized by potential buyers. Often it’s overwhelming. The good news is, Wired for Results guides you step-by-step in making your tasks less daunting. Inside Wired for Results you’ll find downloadable resources to aid in the process as you put these time tested, practical methods to work for you!

Lucy Hoger’s extensive experience as a PriceWaterhouseCoopers senior management consultant includes working to improve the bottom line for many familiarly recognized household companies. She has served in senior executive positions for hi-tech firms in Silicon Valley and her successful leadership principles have generated corporate growth and profits for over twenty-five years. She draws upon her broad career experience and expert understanding of business expansion processes to create this essential guide for your company’s growth. Wired for Results will become your secret weapon to run past your competition.

You’ll begin to see how success is predictable as you begin to read through the pages. Don’t miss out on being able to implement the guided steps by visiting the Wired for Results resource page where you can put your blueprint into action. Visit to gain access.

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