Jack is back filled with rage. Sakura has to face her terrifying past that just threatens to destroy everything she’s ever known. Sakura and Syaoran’s love is pulled to bounds that may just determine their faith. Death seems to follow her as friends become enemies.

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Imagine if you could get a second shot at life. How would you design it and where do you begin?

Is there any way to completely transform your life that doesn’t involve a fad or craze?

Is there a way to achieve lasting change that will instantly remove the barriers to success?

Is there an answer to why reaching your goals has been so elusive?

It took 12 years of clinical and practical research in the fields of physics, medicine, and spirituality to discover the simplest way to unlink your past from your potential so you can live the life you have always imagined.

Discover why lasting success is so elusive for you and how to achieve it without selling out or burning out. It is all possible when you learn the 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula in the newest book SOAR – Think Bigger. Move Faster. Rise Higher., by Koni Scavella, PhD.

SOAR. is the ultimate guide for living the highest expression of yourself with effortless ease. By integrating years of research in the fields of medicine, quantum physics and spirituality, Koni Scavella, developed this new formula after her Near-Death experience to simplify your life and accelerate the speed with which you achieve your dreams.

Today, we live in a society that seems to be on a frenzied quest for instant gratification, external distractions and quick fixes. Even with the rapid advances in technology, we still suffer from stress, overwhelm, insecurity, and frustration as we fall farther away from our dream life. Few know what it takes to “have it all without paying a very hefty price for it.

All the super solutions, fast fixes and millions in minutes programs seem to disappear as soon as the next fad arises. What you learn in this book will become a new standard for success in all areas of life.

The beauty of the SOAR. FormulaTM is its universal application for anyone…regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic standing, education level or spiritual conviction. Everything has been streamlined into the 4 simple steps which can take less than 4 minutes.

The author has done extensive testing and research into advances in human consciousness and behavior predictability, neuroscience and quantum physics to develop one elegantly simple formula that will enhance all areas of your life at once.

Evocatively written with inspiring stories, exercises, and compelling research, SOAR will help you THINK BIGGER, MOVE FASTER and RISE HIGHER so you can live an unlimited life… on earth as she did in heaven

icluded in this book are all the detailed charts, diagrams and resources you need to esperience the success, joy and happiness in life and business you have always wanted.

Best of all, the transformations last!

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The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory mission is to create Spiritual Abundance & Financial Victory in the lives of millions of people all around the world by utilizing Christian Principles, Prosperity Laws & a Unique System that consist of a 12 Week Challenge… Laying The Foundation For Success.

The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory vision is to break Spiritual, Emotional & Financial strong holds through Faith, Education & Commitment based upon Truth… that All Things, not some, but All Things are possible with God in the mighty name of Christ Jesus…

This is not based upon your current level of Education, Past History, Financial Status, Race or Place of Origin… All Those Things Do Not Matter!

The time has come for us to change lives Spiritually and Financially by Uniting & Leveraging the Power of Circulation, Power of Duplication and Power of Multiplication to create a shift in Wealth based upon God’s Economy… however, this must be accomplished through Faith, Education & Commitment.

The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory is structured to do just that by building upon a solid foundation… in Seeking The Kingdom Of God 1st & All His Benefits; Embodying Faith, Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Gratitude & Favor; by Sowing Seeds (including a one-time specific seed; by Understanding the Various Aspects of Money and a System based upon Principle & Truth…

Together we have the ability to change many lives Spiritually, to create a shift in Wealth & the Economy that has Never Been Done Before!

Go Ahead & Take The 1st Step To Victory by discovering the 5 Pillars To Financial Victory Today!

Take The Next Step to creating freedom from religious doctrine and myths about money and become enlightened by Samantha as she reveals how there is “Power” in the Body Of Christ that has not been utilized.

Get Your Copy of The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory Today!

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If you are looking for a simple book to understand ancient teachings behind traditional Chinese Astrology – Decoding Destiny Use Chinese Astrology to improve Luck and find out what Heaven has in store for you – is the book to buy. Tired of feeling stressed because of making poor decisions, wrong choices and ill timed actions? In your journey through life, are you on the path of great resistance? Did you know that your natal chart can show you a path of greater ease? According to the ancient sages “being in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time” brings good fortune. Carrying out “the right thing at the right time” is activating Heaven Luck. The efforts you made and the appropriate actions you took relate to Human Luck and “doing the right thing” is activating and improving Human Luck. If you are ready to get control of your life, Decoding Destiny shows you how improving Heaven Luck and Human Luck bring benefits. Personal Chinese astrology is made simple in this book paving the way to understand destiny.


Knowing your destiny and its codes is about understanding what Heaven has in store for you. It is being self aware of your Heaven Luck. The ancient sages teach that there are factors that can help you to improve your luck and meet success. They also teach that destiny is not carved in stone – however it can be decoded. The past cannot be rewritten – BUT there is an opportunity for you to improve upon it.

Life can be a roller coaster ride at times and at others it is a smoother ride. According to Chinese astrology when this unique underlying energy present at that point of time of your birth is decoded it will help you understand why your life is an uphill climb sometimes, and smooth sailing at others. The rough ride can be described as a path of great resistance and the smoother one can be referred to as the path of greater ease and with lesser resistance. These two pathways are open for you to choose once the code underlying your unique energy written into youris deciphered and analysed giving you insightful information about what Heaven has in store for you. Knowing your Heaven Luck is about understanding what your purpose in life is.

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The Highly Effective Executive: The Ultimate Business Plan and Project Management Guide for 21st Century Executive

A step-by-step business intelligence and employee engagement guide for the new breed of CEO!

The Highly Effective Executive book is written to help you master business soft skills and understand how to improve productivity in your organization. This book is an overview of issues facing today’s business owners and managers. Executives don’t always have the expertise to manage the many employee issues they face, and yet they are expected to make decisions that are advantageous and practical.

Exceptional management skills are mandatory for a successful business. The Highly Effective Executive directs you past the problem and frustration to deliver outstanding and functional practices you can put to work immediately. Learn to minimize the cost of a breakdown in employee-management relationships and inspire profitable employee behavior.

???Improve your executive skills, get The Highly Effective Executive today!!!

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In today’s competitive world, we all want to be heard and acknowledged for our contributions. As women, we want others to perceive us as the intelligent and strong, capable and professional people that we are, but even the most brilliant and skillfully articulated ideas can be sabotaged by a week, annoying, and grading voice. To get your• point across its essential to have a pleasant, yet strong voice that will demand attention, and get others to take notice of what you have to say.

Written just for women, the Voice of Success (revised edition), covers every facet of the female voice, with expert advice on how to minimize its assets and overcome any liabilities (including sounding too young or too old.) Voice trainer Joni Wilson has helped women through-out the world communicate more effectively and advance in their careers by showing them how to use their voices to get what they want, and make a difference in their companies and their communities. In this book she will show you how to command attention by conquering women’s top voice complaints. With the easy to follow tips, you will discover;

• How to double your vocal power

The eight deadly emotions and how they affect your voice

• 10 ways to keep your voice young and healthy

• How to defeat the jitters (And Conquer the Stage Fright Monster)

• How to tune up your voice image to attract clients and make more money

• How to create the right voice for the office, public speaking, video, podcasting and livecasting

• How your hormones affect your voice and what to do about it

• How to create an engaging telephone voice to warm up the cold calls

• Bonus chapter: How to program your life and your Voice for Success

This book offers valuable exercises you can easily do at home or in your car.

As an added bonus; at the end of each chapter this revised edition of the original Voice of Success book includes a link to a landing page that will take you to a short video featuring Joni sharing additional tips, insights and exercises tailored to fit the information in the chapter. This personal Bonus from Joni will help you create a voice that will Demand The Attention you deserve . . . a voice even you will love,

About the Author

4-Times Best Selling Author Joni Wilson is One of the Worlds Foremost Voice Experts. Her books are read by enthusiastic clients all over the world and have been translated in Arabic and Korean. She is the creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System, THE cutting edge voice method that is changing the lives of Singers and Speakers World-wide. Joni has trained the voices of executives from major corporations to two American Idol Finalists. In her training she combines acting, speaking and singing skills of which she is a master at all three. She can captivate an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand with her amazing, never-ending knowledge of the Human Voice. In her 23 years of teaching both singing and speaking voice skills, Joni never stops learning, and loves introducing her clients to the latest, up-to-date singing and speaking skills.

Her formal training consists of Professional Acting Training at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California and earning a Professional Digital and Social Media Certification from San Diego State University. Over the past 23 years She has also worked with, studied and taught some of the best professionals in both the entertainment and business worlds. She is internationaly recognized by her peers as a pioneer in both the singing and speaking voice techniques.

Joni’s latest projects include setting up a video and recording station in her studio in San Diego to train entrepreneurs, authors, business owners, and entertainers in Video Marketing.

For information visit her website at www.joniwilsonvoice.com or call Studio 54 @619-229-0726

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Step-by-Step I take you on an multi-sensory experience into a whole new world of “Be-ing- Love” – the Divine, Infinite, Unconditional (= always says ‘Yes!”), Powerful kind of LOVE. This is a Higher vibration of Love than you have previously experienced. It is the purest Divine Love that is the Source of all creation and prosperity – and you are going to learn to access it at a new multi-dimensional ‘Full Color Spectrum’ level. Included are multi sensory Audio and encoded energy Activations and Inner Journeys so you can be sure to shift from the inside out.

Resolve Any Relationship Issue

Release Grief, Pain and the Past

Transform any Block or Walk through any Fear

Feel Safe & Strong with your Boundaries, in any situation

Express Yourself Freely and Authentically

Dissolve “not Enoughness” & Self Esteem Shackles

Unlock Your Full Color Happiness in your 5 Key Subtle Bodies: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual

See, feel and finally KNOW your True Value and Evict the “Poor Girl” (Poor Guy) in your head.

Create a Sacred Space for your True Spiritual DNA to be Activated – So your Inner “Wealthy Woman/Man” can Connect & Communicate with you with ease

Activate your “Fully Funded Mission” to live the life your Soul intended

Learn to “Walk on Air” – manifest anything even if you do not know how

The “Be Love” Principles are how to INSTANTLY activate the Frequency of Divine Unconditional Love – the Source of all that is – within you. This instantly transforms the energy in you and in any situation, on the spot. This is the first vital step to communicate with your BlissField and keep or increase your positive vibration no matter what anyone else does or what is happening outside of you. This prevents procrastination, keeps your energy of attraction magnetic and raises your awareness to solutions.

The “Be Love” activations, are simple, elegant and deep and help you manifest faster, easier and with more fun. They are to be experienced, learned and used as real everyday tools to discover your prosperity and happiness that is Already there in your personal Blissfield/(infinite field of abundance). They are profoundly effective at changing your State: feelings, thoughts and vibration – in any moment so you can stay true to your path.

Most pitfalls on your path to happiness, money and freedom are straying outside your Blissfield into someone else’s limited or negative reality. The “Be Love” Instant-Shift Energy Processes clear the clouds in your vision, the clogs in your prosperity pipeline and the stuck energy in the way of you being YOU – in your Bliss-vibe – the fun one that illuminates your path to live the life your Soul intended.

In this manual for transformation you will learn to Seek Your Bliss and gracefully Accept your “Fully Funded Mission”, while releasing and freeing all others to live their path. Free your gifts, talents, greatness and vision and open the doors to a new level of joy and prosperity.

Yes! You can live your BlissLife now! Let’s go…

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Secrets of a Firewalker

Imagine if fear was suddenly no longer a factor in your life. What would you do? What would you change, give, be, or accomplish?

If you are ready to push past your self-limiting fears, tap into the zone and learn how to perform your best when it matters most . . . this book is for you!

In this revolutionary new book, “Secrets of a Firewalker”, Scott Anderson, “Coach Scott,” using proven sport psychology and neuro-physiological principles, takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process that has helped millions of people do the “impossible” by discovering the incredible power that exists inside of us all!

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Smile Train. Imagine changing the life of a child forever and yours in the process. That’s my big WHY for writing the book. I invite you to share the journey.

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“Cracking The Health and Happiness Code, a Burn Out Antidote” provides 14 secrets on how to lower stress, get more energy, achieve more, be more productive, and have more fun in life. Throughout the book, people are guided through the various principles of life to learn how to pave the road to happiness and good health.

Author Adrian Zilani provides insight on how to achieve proper focus and learning what a person can and cannot control within their lives. He believes that if a person learns what they can control, it can reduce stress and allow them to focus more on what they do have control of.

The book also discusses a variety of ways to activate physiology. Every action that a person takes is going to have an impact on their level of happiness and the level of endorphins that are in the body. Laughing, listening to music, using the senses, and having fun can help the body to feel good and improve health at the same time.

If you have ever wondered about the different feelings and how they impact your life, this is the book you want to read. It can become your bible to work towards feelings of happiness and elation. You will soon discover how to flip the switch on some of those emotions so you can feel more of the positive ones and less of the negative ones.

Happiness is the key to health and health is the key to happiness. Find your key through the pages of this book and never look back on the unhappy days that have plagued you in the past.

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“Never Grow OLD” is a ready-to-use, hands-on guide to improving your strength, balance, and functional ability no matter your current fitness level. Co-authored by leading aging and functional fitness experts Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr. Dan Ritchie, the book contains proven techniques gathered from their 20+ years of practical experience working with thousands of clients. Inside this book you’ll discover the keys to decreasing pain, increasing your strength, and improving your balance at any age or functional level. “Never Grow OLD” includes detailed warm-up and exercise plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts – including free on-line access to over 150 step-by-step photos featuring real clients as models, with ages of 30s, 40s, 50s, 70s and 80s depicted.

For over 15 years, Dr. Sipe and Dr. Ritchie have been at the forefront of developing innovative, effective and science-based training programs for their older clients. Over the past 8 years they have shared their unique philosophies, techniques and insights with tens of thousands of trainers around the world. They own two training facilities and have co-founded the Functional Aging Institute – an international training and certification program. In 2014, Dr. Ritchie was awarded the highest honor in his field, the Personal Fitness Professional Magazine “Personal Trainer of the Year” out of over 500 trainers from 8 nations. If you have been looking for an exercise program designed with your vitality and longevity in mind, “Never Grow OLD” is written for you!

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