In this book Tantra yoga is explained by a true Tantra goddess. Laurie’s take on Tantra, Tantric sex and how they relate to intimacy will have you laughing and possibly crying – you will definitely look within. You may even find a way to transform your relationships in the process. That’s what Tantra is all about according to Sex & Happiness author Handlers. Tantra = transformation through pleasure!

“Terrific! A great time. Growth and awareness, kindled by Laurie’s wisdom and sense of humor, await you.” – Dr Judy Kuriansky, author: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex

“SEX & HAPPINESS puts the innocence an love back into sex and gives Tantra the respect it deserves in the West. Take charge of your life – emotionally, physically and spiritually. A wonderful meditation on the self.” – Alan Steinfeld, producer/host: New Realities TV

Authentic! Handlers offers you a priceless opportunity to ‘grow your love’ in a playful way. Her down to earth style captures the depth and profundity of Tantra. SEX & HAPPINESS will make you smile inside!” – Cynthia Taylor Lamborne, owner: Nectar Products, Tantric Tools for Sexual Healing

Excerpts from Sex and Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy

“Even after listing sexual expansion techniques, I would still say, “Come to the bedroom with no expectations, but rather with openness in your heart for whatever happens.” And you would probably say, “Yeah, well, if I could do that I wouldn’t need to read this book, now would I?” And you would be right. This whole book is about regaining the unguarded openness of your heart and bringing it to sex.

Have you heard the Zen expression, beginner’s mind? It’s a way of being in the world like everything in it is new. There is no expectation, no pain from a history of hurts and humiliations. Everything is experienced from an alert yet unguarded place. It’s a fresh, open, childlike state of mind. Practicing Tantra is one path to this clear, childlike place, but it doesn’t just happen.

It takes work and training to come back to the open and loving place that is our natural state, because there’s so much grief and rage to be dealt with between now and then, so much shame and guilt, and so many ideas about how we should be in love, in relationship, and in sex.” “Intimacy with someone else requires, first and foremost, coming to peace with your own emotional and physical life. This is not a small task, but it is a crucial one. It takes time and courage and forgiveness, coming from you to you.

If you want a love affair that is sexually electric and truly intimate, you have to begin by unblocking and unleashing the sex force that is already inside you and learning to feel safe expressing it, in whatever way feels right to you. In order to do that, fear and rage and grief – feelings that you’ve learned to resist – have to be acknowledged and cleared out on a regular basis, and that alone can be one heck of a ride.

What I’m trying to say is that this whole process is going to take time. It’s going to take some time, a lot of tolerance, and a lot of deep breathing. Fasten your seatbelt and settle in for the ride.”

The chapters are based on the Ten Tantric Laws of Intimacy Laurie Handlers has taught in her Ecstasy Advanced Tantra course. They are:

Law 1: Be Your Own Witness

Law 2: Please Yourself

Law 3: Practice Emotional Release

Law 4: Honor Your Anger

Law 5: Speak Your Truth

Law 6: Set Your Boundaries

Law 7: Look in the Mirror of Your Beloved

Law 8: Practice Full Contact Confrontation

Law 9: Surrender

Law 10: Make Love in the Unknown

To view free tips and videos visit:

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Everybody paddles at the same time, in the same direction, toward the same goal. Drawing on his extensive background as a lawyer and the head of a large New York social service agency, management guru Charles A. Archer has created a completely fresh blueprint for building office teamwork and camaraderie. Used by companies in the United States and abroad, his comprehensive program, Everybody Paddles, is a management model focused on reaching strategic alignment and accelerating change through respect and collaboration. The Everybody Paddles principles provide an outline for successfully building company consensus and developing effective behavioral dynamics within an organization. Additionally, the principles are important problem-solving tools that provide techniques for solving interpersonal issues within an organization and how to remedy nonproductive dysfunctional patterns. You’ll learn how to put the right metrics in place, enabling teams to translate operational outcome into business solutions. Each foundation builder outlined in the book—partnerships, associations, collaborations, and teamwork—teaches facilitation skills aimed at helping you increase values, services, experience, engagement, and feedback. Whether the CEO of as global company or the head of a nonprofit, Everybody Paddles provides the insight and guidelines leaders need to unify their team. – See more at:

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Welcome to Your 30 Day Whole Body Detox!

This book is about you: paying attention to what you are putting into your body every day and how you treat yourself.

You choose how closely you follow the plan, but keep in mind that the more closely you follow it, the more successful you will be.

Things to avoid during the detox: alcohol, refined sugar, caffeine, red meat, dairy products and wheat & gluten foods.

Things to limit: soy, spicy foods, corn, gluten-free packaged products and dark chocolate.

Things to include: Fresh organic fruit and veggies, lean white meat and fish, nuts and seeds, and gluten-free whole grains. Find a great water bottle and keep it filled with distilled, reverse osmosis or alkaline water at all times. Add a slice of lemon for flavour. Try fresh, cold pressed juice this year!

Move every day! Try yoga or Tai Chi this month to help detoxify your mind; it always helps to slow down for an hour. Walk outside daily; even 10 minutes can make a difference.

This book will prepare and guide you through your 30 Day Whole Body Detox. There are many great experts featured throughout the guide, but make sure you reach out for help and advice as needed.

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Have you ever wondered how some doctors are making millions, working less hours, and have the most supportive and devoted teams, all while having incredible family relationships?

Do you find yourself thinking more about dealing with a difficult staff member than you do on your patients?

Are you ever frustrated with the fact that your formal education never actually taught what it takes to run a successful business?

Do you want to make changes in your practice and your life but you just don’t know where to start?

Like most doctors, you are great at what you do- providing high level care for your patients with a passion for your profession. The challenge comes when dealing with the stress of patient cooperation, employee drama and the responsibility of running a successful practice. You become overworked, burned out and frustrated. According to the American Psychiatric Association, private practice owners have one of the most stressful occupations in the world. Why? Trying to balance the needs of you, your business, your patients and your family can be overwhelming for most professionals.

The good news? Now, you don’t have to be another statistic.

The Practice Rx is THE “secret ” for turning your practice into a thriving, fulfilling, and wildly profitable business by focusing on your relationships first! It’s the business and life balance education no one ever taught you. It is the “HOW-TO” guide in transforming your business into your VISION! (If you struggle with articulating your vision, this book will help you with that as well). This unique approach to your entire business will revolutionize the way you see you, your team, and your practice.

Each page of this book delivers personal and first-hand accounts of the struggles and obstacles professionals just like you experience every day. Most importantly, it provides the cure for those challenges. Starting with the fundamentals of your business, taking you through every step of a successful practice, The Practice Rx serves as a guidebook from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

After reading The Practice Rx you will have a fresh and comprehensive approach to your business relationships, leadership skills, effective communication, lasting employee motivation, corporate culture, unique marketing and so much more! Packed with world-class principles, emotional experiences, transformational stories, and powerful exercises, this book lays out the action steps needed for you to yield the high-end results you deserve.

Your days of disappointment, frustration and stress with your business, your clients, your employees and your personal life are finally no more.

Inside the pages of this book, you will have access to bonuses (worth well over $2K) that will help you jump start the principals Dino teaches.

See what other successful business owners and entrepreneurs are saying about Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert!

“In this book, Dino helps you restructure your business from your heart. Your team, your clients, even your family will see a shift in not only your company, but you as well. It truly is possible to have a business and not drive yourself into the ground. This book is a must-have to ignite your business success.”
    -John Lee Dumas, Founder and Host of Entrepreneur on Fire, top-ranked business podcast

“If we truly want to be the BEST at something, we’ve got to find someone who is a specialist. Dino has proven himself to be exactly that with relationships, both inside and outside of your company. NO magic pixie dust here, just practical, useful advice from a true expert.”
   – Nick Nanton, 3 Time Emmy Award Winning Director, Wall Street Journal Best- Selling Author

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You finally found it! The proven How-to Weight Loss System for a healthy, sassy You!

What woman doesn’t want to know where her G-Spot is and how to lose weight?

Your Weight Loss G-Spot is a make-it-happen weight-loss book that combines the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating with the mind–body– heart targeted coaching required to get you to your goal and to make it stick.

Just as the G-Spot is elusive to many women, so too are the secrets to lasting weight-loss success. We have cleverly and humorously aligned these two quests throughout their informative and interactive guide to losing weight and keeping it off.

The metaphor of sexual bliss is interwoven seamlessly throughout this how-to, keeping the tone light and helping to drive the main message home. People often feel vulnerable and self conscious when topics of weight and sex come up—this book is about exploring the intimate ‘dark corners’ to ensure this is a life style change success.

This guide is a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh new way to break out of the dieting cycle.

You will learn how to…

  • Detoxify the body for comfortable and easy weight loss
  • Drop pounds and inches fast, without gruelling workouts or starvation
  • Shed unwanted fat by eating foods you love, including carbs
  • Get rid of stubborn belly fat
  • Identify the triggers that lead you to bottomless pit eating
  • Eat foods that increase your energy and that also help you sleep more soundly
  • Trigger fat-burning hormones to lose weight effortlessly
  • Eat so you feel energetic and vibrant every day
  • Eat for nourishment, not emotional and short-lived satisfaction
  • What Will I Experience on the Weight loss G-spot System?

  • You will experience weight loss and flush away stubborn body fat quickly
  • You will have a reduction of symptoms like indigestion, bloating, and fatigue
  • You will learn easy ways to speed up your metabolism without going to a gym
  • You will get rid of unhealthy cravings and eat foods that make you feel alive and energetic
  • You will feel more balanced, healthy and happy!
  • You will learn ways to release habits and history of food
  • What You Won’t See in the Weight loss G-spot System?

    • Calorie counting. Trade in the counting and measuring for a simple weight loss food plan
    • Exercise regimen. You will lose weight even if you don’t maintain a rigid exercise regimen
    • Bland, boring foods. Say no to expensive packaged foods and hello to whole, natural food
    • A starvation diet: feel satiated and content with an abundance of healthy food options
    • Slow results. You can expect healthy, easy weight loss by eating the foods you love

    A brilliant new approach to self-help, weight-loss and positive lifestyle change from two authors who have helped countless people change their lives.”

    Dr. T. Nahirny MD

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    Imagine what it would be like if you had the opportunity to sit down with Jesus and ask him about his life. What fresh insights would you glean as he reveals the intimate details of his personal life?

    In THE JESUS DIARIES, Jesus himself shares his perspective on the events which made him world-famous in an easy-to-read conversational style.

    * He anchors his life in the politically tense, yet exciting days of the first century.

    * He explains the amazing events that lead up to his birth, and the intrigue that follows him throughout his life.

    * He gives us insights into the deep meaning of his words and illustrates how his teachings are firmly rooted in the Hebrew Old Testament.

    * He walks us through the moving events of his life as seen through his eyes.

    * He introduces us to people in desperate need, whose lives are miraculously changed forever, leaving us breathlessly expectant to see what will happen next.

    THE JESUS DIARIES is based directly on the four Gospels in the New Testament. Like a detective, Helen Hunter exercises her theological training and her background as a translator to meticulously piece together the events of Jesus’ life, and to answer so many of the questions left unanswered in the Gospels.

    A unique feature is Jesus’ own account of hundreds of Old Testament prophecies that are linked to his life and teachings. This, together with the rich historical and geographical descriptions, give you the feeling that you are right there in his world, experiencing it all with him.

    THE JESUS DIARIES is ideally suited to introduce adults and young people to the real Jesus in language they can understand. Because of its accuracy and rock-solid scriptural foundation, the book can be used with confidence in schools, churches and colleges, as well as to introduce people of all cultural backgrounds to the founder of Christianity.


    “I was taken aback. It’s straightforward, gripping, very, very strong.”

    An easy read. I fell in love with him all over again.”

    “Cool! I’m awestruck. Powerfully written. Very touching.”

    “I feel like I’m there.”

    A transformational experience.”

    “It’s full of ‘aha’ moments. I want everyone I know to read it.”

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    I’ve always wanted to be a mentor to health coaches, but I didn’t feel right about it until I built my own successful multi-six figure online wellness practice for years in a row. I needed to know for myself that health coaching as a profession was truly possible and truly sustainable as a career. I experimented myself.

    If I can do it, you can do it.

    My bad habits and problems were a huge setup for failure. The only thing I had going for me was my authority complex. I hated being told what to do so I confronted my bosses and got fired many times and to this day this is what fuels me in moments of doubt. That was my only real strength taking the entrepreneurial leap.

    Whether you are a seasoned wellness practitioner or fresh out of your certification program you can take these simple steps to start or ramp up your business online. If you run a brick and mortar practice and want to switch over to a virtual practice you will get clarity about that process within the pages of this book.

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    Trouble continues for Kelly and Travis Bishop. Their older brother, Jon, runs away to New York City, the nation embraces Majik Juice, and the American Security Administration makes house calls at two in the morning. The good news? An assassin thinks he can save humanity from injustice. The bad news? Demons have discovered the perfect lure to get Kelly back into Pandora’s Cave. The deep mystery and heart-pounding terror of The Demon Conspiracy Series continue, in Book 2, The Doomsday Shroud. Reminder: The Demon Conspiracy Series is still the only teen novel series required by the American Security Administration to post a warning about potential negative psychological effects on the reader. READ WITH CAUTION.

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    Trouble continues for Kelly and Travis Bishop. Their older brother, Jon, runs away to New York City, the nation embraces Majik Juice, and the American Security Administration makes house calls at two in the morning. The good news? An assassin thinks he can save humanity from injustice. The bad news? Demons have discovered the perfect lure to get Kelly back into Pandora’s Cave. The deep mystery and heart-pounding terror of The Demon Conspiracy Series continue, in Book 2, The Doomsday Shroud. Reminder: The Demon Conspiracy Series is still the only teen novel series required by the American Security Administration to post a warning about potential negative psychological effects on the reader. READ WITH CAUTION.

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    Success1010 For Living

    Have you ever wondered why a person with all the money in the world would continue to strive for more and more money? If he feels empty and unfulfilled, struggling for a valid reason to get up each day, his idea of success is not making him happy. It does not encompass the things in life that will meet his needs and contribute to his fulfilment and happiness. Establishing and following a set of personal values leads to a lasting experience of happiness. ‘Success1010TM’ stems from the 10 Blockages we face and the way to unblock ourselves along with the 10 principles we need to stay successful. Achieving your goals is based around the pursuit of the four basic values: faith, family, community, and work.


    ‘When we are stuck in life, we feel emotionally drained and life looks doomed. From where do these feelings arise? Often, they derive from our traumatic interpretation of early childhood events. This interpretation is unconscious, as is the way we learnt to cope with it. These events and how we learn to cope with them shape our lives, impacting our future. Stuckburies® are the unresolved emotional complexes or emotional baggage buried deep within us which inhibits us from giving our best shot at achieving success.

    A Stuckbury® is formed early on in life, typically from infancy through to age seven, but they can form whilst in the womb and beyond seven years of age. The Stuckbury® stays with us, in our unconscious mind, as we approach adulthood. In adulthood, as we face new experiences, the Stuckbury® causes us to unconsciously expect things to be traumatic, just as they were when we were young. We treat new life experiences as though they, too, will turn out the way past childhood experiences did. This is how the Stuckbury® influences our adult behaviour; we apply our old childhood coping strategies to our new experiences in life.

    Moving Forward in Life and Leaving our Stuckburies® Behind

    We can all start the day with a fresh approach. We can all start a new diet to be healthier; we can all go to a motivational seminar ready to start a new life. But what happens a few days, weeks, or possibly months later is that we stop. We fail to commit long term to our goals.So, why don’t we continue?

    breakthroughThe answer stems from our Blockages, and blockages start in childhood. This book is designed to help you uncover the hidden traumatic events of your past that shape your life and may well have caused blockages. These events impact you, yet stay hidden for decades. When they surface and develop in our lives, they subject us to a continual cycle of painful relationships, doubts, fears, and uncertainty.

    SUCCESS1010™ for living is a book that shows how to overcome blockages, how to reverse and eradicate them so that we can live in happiness without fear, without regrets, and, most importantly, without guilt. This book shows you how to stay successful and not fall back into bad habits and unsuccessful traits.

    Key Messages of SUCCESS1010™ are:

    IDENTIFYING WHAT SUCCESS MEANS and build strategies to reach your goals


    STUCKBURIES® stem from childhood and CAUSE BLOCKAGES IN OUR LIVES stopping growth and happiness

    Learn THE 10 BLOCKAGES and how to overcome and master them.

    TAKE CONTROL of stress, negative thoughts, guilt, depression and anxiety, etc.

    FIND THE STEPS and path to letting go and moving forward


    DON’T BE SCARED anymore, be happy and charged for life

    TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE for the better – for yourself and everyone around you

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