As an aspiring or established entrepreneur, business owner or professional, you are an expert in your industry with a wealth of knowledge. To let the world know about it, you want to step up, stand out and use the most powerful promotional tool for your business – Publish Your Own BOOK. What a great idea!!!
The bad news is, that most people make 3 Major Mistakes when writing and publishing their books, sabotaging their own great project.
Learn how to AVOID these MISTAKES and write a Book that Builds your Business

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Will You Make It?

Consider these facts!

* Only 4% of the total population with dependent children have adequate levels of Life Insurance cover and more than three in four Australians will be diagnosed with a serious illness in their working life.

* Only 10% of Australians have more than $100,000 in the superannuation accounts and that’s the problem. To retire, a single person would probably need about $800,000 to live modestly.

Martin Speiser has burning desire to ensure all Australians build wealth for their future and protect themselves through wise insurance and asset protection that they can afford, his legacy is his new book “Will You Make It?

Once you hit your early 30’s it is the critical time for many people because you have time on your side to build a solid retirement. Martin’s book “Will You Make” It walks you through the various steps to create, protect and plan for your retirement. It’s suitable for all ages and it’s message is that it is never too late to start investing!

Martin’s efforts represent over 25 years of experience, hard work and a swag of grateful clients and friends which have helped me to know what he knows. Maybe you are one of them!

In this book you will learn:

* The Financial Click is ticking
* 6 Steps to Financial Freedom
* Getting the right advice
* How to identify risk
* Why Property is essential
* Getting best results from your superannuation
* Getting the right insurance
* It’s Never to late or too early!

Register your book at bonus videos and worksheets.

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American Dream Again is the story of how one company (Tranont) is helping everyday Americans eliminate debt, build real wealth, and live their own American Dream.

The book delves into the current problems Americans face with rising debt, lower job security, higher taxes, and many other problems preventing the average family from getting ahead.

Using Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant as an illustration the book stresses the importance of owning a small business and becoming an entrepreneur.

The author presents Tranont as one of the top choices in the home based business arena. While Tranont is not a pure MLM company the network marketing and MLM models are discussed along with Tranont’s products and services and how if used correctly any average American can become debt free, build real wealth, and have the time freedom to enjoy it.

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We all know what we are supposed to do – but we don’t do it.

52 week success plan makes it easy for you to tap into those very things you know will make a huge difference in your life from wealth, happiness and health. This book delivers easy steps to your personal success without having to figure out why you don’t do what you know is good for you.

Success builds on more success – and this is the simple secret. The book describes 52 different easy to succeed at habits that can significantly alter the course of your life. Each habit, is a quick read with key information as to its value and reasons why you will benefit. All you do now is commit to practice each habit daily for an entire week. If this new habit resonates well with you, then all you do is continue the habit. Success is that easy.

These habits are not new. These habits are not difficult. These habits are the same ones that the super successful people use. They are all time proven by the giants that lead before us. Like Tony Robbins, Napolean Hilll, and others.

Ordinary practices for ordinary people making people be extraordinary and live extraordinary lives!

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For a limited time only—my book is only $2.99 from now until Cyber Monday!

Need to know exactly how to Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing? Need a great strategy to build your business? Learn how to publish on Kindle with our easy-to-use guide!

eBooks are hot and self publishing on Kindle is a great way to build trust and attract targeted customers to your business. But, how to do it? How to go from that eBook in Word to getting in the Amazon store? We were in your shoes one time and we learned EXACTLY how to get our books onto Amazon, and along the way we learned both WHAT to do and WHAT NOT to do! This guide will show you how to get your book on Kindle in less than an hour!

This book will teach you:

1. How to format your book

2. How to set up a Kindle Direct Publishing account

3. How to get your cover professionally done

4. The importance of a mini-site for your book

5. Insider tips, tricks, and hacks to get your book to sell on Amazon!

Don’t stress out about getting your book onto Amazon Kindle. Get this guide and get your eBook onto Amazon Kindle today!

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Are you ready to gain instant credibility and start attracting your share of the $80.2 billion that PWG predict consumers will spend on mobile magazines by 2016? Mobile or digital magazine downloads are already up 170% which equates to more than 300,000 issues per day.

This book is for all types of business owners or hobbyists and particularly for those wanting to stand out from the crowd and be the authority in their niche. An experienced teacher and business marketing strategist, Christine not only shows you WHY you would want to create and publish your own magazine, she also takes you through the steps to do it in a very simple and methodical way, fast.

In fact once you have created your first issue, this book explains how to systemise your content creation to take less than one day per issue. Packed full of useful resources you will discover how to make your magazine interactive, obtain real time insights about your readers (the average mag app reader spends 45 mins – 2 1/2 hours per app, imagine having them spend that long on your blog!), work out which content is working and which is not and how to use your magazine as a lead magnet and create income in up to 30 different ways.

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Have you ever dreamed of writing and publishing a book that’s the sum total of your expertise with the ultimate goal of attracting paying clients…but it always seems too hard? You tell yourself, “It will take me years to do…how do I organize it, or even start to design a book cover?” You tell yourself you’ll never be able to get it done, so why even try? NOT TRUE. In this revolutionary new book, Mike Koenigs takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process that has helped over 300 of his clients write, publish, and profit from a book in as little as TWO weeks. Many of those authors are attracting paying clients, getting traffic, leads, product sales and speaking engagements. If you follow this process, this can and will work for you, too.

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More than 90% of clients I meet tell me they want to leave a legacy, however many have done nothing about it because of the following reasons: they think it is just for the rich and powerful; they think it is very hard to do and they think it is for the over 50’s. This book will answer all of these questions in the first place but more importantly show you HOW you too can leave a legacy being neither of the above.

So, have you ever wanted to leave a legacy? Or protect it? And don’t know how? Not sure what is your legacy yet? This book will teach you strategies and techniques to build true wealth, master your asset protection and ensure your legacy fast! It will teach you all you need to know to master and dominate the art of securing your dreams, your legacy (assets). Don’t have a financial plan in place? Think you have done ok so far? Expecting a windfall? Not sure about risks your assets are under? Or simply approaching your retirement? Do you have a burning desire to make a difference to others? To impact them in a positive way? This book is for you!

One of the reasons people don’t build their legacy is because of the money worries and this comes as a result of not taking good care of their assets which end up compromising their dreams of a legacy. Why? Because it is not about how much money you make, it is about how much you can secure (protect). If you think you are fine but just deluding yourself, when something happens (it is when not if) it is too late. More importantly, I was there, running a very successful business, and confident I was fine, but before I knew it I was divorced and bankrupt. This shattered my dreams of leaving a legacy; it for sure delayed it for few years until i was able to put myself together. Not everyone is so lucky. Don’t let it happen to you!

So, if you apply what you learn in this book it is all you will ever need to protect your finances, grow your wealth and ultimately leave a legacy to your family and to the world. Financial planning – this is where it all starts – and wealth management, both asset protection tools, are about having the plan B should plan A defaults and they are the most effective asset protection tools in existence.

This book shows professionals, entrepreneurs and investors; people who know how to make money, people who are successful but are looking for something greater than their professional or financial success. They are looking for something they can impact the world for generations to come. In the book they have latest strategies to safeguard their assets for their benefit and make the transition to something bigger than themselves – their legacy.

It shows you how to solve the 2 biggest problems people have with their assets and how to solve them, setting you up on the road of financial independence and legacy.

It gives the reader protection tools, how to, strategies and techniques you can use immediately to start a robust financial planning, myths in the industry, value of money (inflation), wealth management process, age related inflation, protection, saving and investment, pension and retirement planning, education planning amongst other items.

What unique marks, values, and traits you want stamped and you want people to know it is your signature. Find how you can do that, in the book. I will be waiting for your transformation (success story).

This is book is iterative, so feel free to fire away questions burning inside you! We will answer and give you additional tools to change the world, your way…

Just know that many of these, if not all, you can do it!

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Learn how to master your money in How to Master Your Money, Create Your Wealth and Retire Early, Just on Your Current Income by Nobby Kleinman.

Despite talk of financial literacy consumers have been left in the

dark about how to manage their money.

Being told to put aside money for the long term is a total waste of

time if they cannot manage the debt crisis they face right now.

The wave of baby boomer retirees are a financial threat to their children and the social security system will be powerless to cope.

Financial nest eggs will disappear as more reach retirement carrying

over consumer and mortgage debt with insufficient long term funds.

Governments have been aware of this growing trend for decades.

When children are going to school without food, its a problem.

When wives and mothers have trouble managing household money,

it’s obvious there is a problem that isn’t being solved.

They keep asking for help but the usual answer isn’t enough.

For those who act in time, they will learn how to manage their money, eliminate debts and create wealth just on their current incomes.

The lenders may not be happy. But who cares!

It’s time to take back the power. It’s time to get back in control.

It’s YOUR time now!

When there was a problem with managing money and no solution could be found, ex financial adviser Nobby Kleinman developed his own.

But it turned out to be better than he expected and it is now helping clients regain control of their money and plan for a financially secure future.

The program has been hailed as a real insight for many users who have always wanted to know how to manage their money and found that the

old standby of doing budgets wasn’t working for them. It wasn’t that budgets didn’t work, but more that they provided no inspiration or goals.

What this program does is address a number of financial issues from within the one place and provides an overall picture of clarity and understanding.

Nobby has always been able to take something complicated and make it easy to understand and fun to do because he explained in layman terms.

Once people found they could get a better insight, they were now empowered to manage their money form a whole new level with a view to forward planning.

While the book is a mere introduction to basic financial information and the struggles people work through, the real hero of this story is the program.

If the contents of the book do no more than provide basic insights, the knowledge that such a program exists should stir hope in those who are seeking an answer.

Nobby has taken the knowledge gained during his financial adviser years where he worked with thousands of clients and hundreds of companies and built it into the program.

This book is based on those years of listening to clients, and especially women who were always making similar comments, which are still being uttered today.

The program was built based on the most common concerns around being able to manage household money and lifestyle. What has been achieved is life altering for many.

Although the book does lead toward how the program can provide a solution to those who are struggling with money matters, the long term investment is likely going to be a saviour for many.

The ultimate conclusion will always be that some people take action with new found knowledge while many don’t. The opportunity cost is the longer they wait, the worse their situation becomes.

Therefore this short read book together with the long term solution of the Money Rules program is a great start off investment towards long term financial security built just on current income.

What Nobby found was that budgets work, but people don’t! To make sure people do interact with the program, it had to have a built in incentive and activity to drive them to better outcomes.

Using the information in the book will change peoples lives.

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