Have you been struggling with life altering fatigue, weight loss resistance, digestive issues, not sleeping well, dry skin, depression, anxiety, or trouble remembering? Have you tried diets, cutting calories, exercise, detoxes, medications and supplements with little to no success? Maybe you’ve lost hope and just given up. In this revolutionary new book, Chance Haugen takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process he used and has used with hundreds of patients to eliminate inflammation from the body.

Chance had to find ways to overcome many health challenges in his own life. He went to the medical specialists and despite their best efforts he still remained sick. The health issues were starting to interfere with his career as a chiropractor and he knew he couldn’t continue adjusting if things did not change. After years of struggling with digestive issues, candida, fatigue, and weight loss resistance he decided it was time to try alternative therapies. He searched and found the best alternative doctors in the country and learned directly from them. His health slowly started to improve and he got his life back. Chance then took everything he learned and utilized it to help hundreds of people get their health back. He insists that people find the true root cause of their health issues so they don’t use supplements and medications to mask the real problem. He is an expert at finding what is driving inflammation and helping you eliminate it.

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“Do you remember the first time you gave up on a dream… that impossible dream that excited you to your core?
Do you remember when you first agreed with other people’s limiting beliefs about you? Freddy Behin, too, was challenged relentlessly by those same voices that said it wasn’t possible. But he knew that if there was at least a one in a million chance … He could figure out how to overcome it.

In his book “Living Impossible Dreams”, he will take you on a journey of impossible endeavors where he will teach you step by step concepts that will help ensure success in your life, relationship, finances, business, education or simply going through academic or physical challenges.

If you are tired of mediocrity and excuses, let Freddy help you get your impossible dream to become not just a possibility but a reality.

He created a Blueprint that has become the key to all of his success. He has used this process repeatedly throughout his life to defy insurmountable odds and live out his own impossible dreams . . .

– to become a world class gymnast competing at the Gymnastics World Championship and as a starting gymnast for UCLA.
– to invent a gymnastics strength move on the Rings (Olympic Maltese) and be the only gymnast in global history to successfully pull off this strength move on the Rings at the competitions.
– to become an MD when all those “in the know” said he would never even get into Medical School
– speak 4-languages fluently, when he was told he had no talent in the department of languages in High-School.
– to develop the programming code and modeling software that radically simplified the software researchers and cardiologists used during the research of the first artificial pacemakers.
– to have a successful and alternative gymnastics club when he was told his business model would not work.
– to become a successful entrepreneur and leader.
– to become a top success and results coaches and help people live a fulfilling life and achieve their wildest dreams.

In this book he will lead you through his proven process for helping people just like you to achieve and live their own impossible dreams!

This book is available in the following formats:
– Paperback
– Hardcover
– eBook
– Audio Book
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For many, America’s “most dreaded disease” is not cancer or heart disease. It’s Alzheimer’s. And despite running a 40-year war against this ravaging brain destroyer, and spending untold billions in research for drug development, we have absolutely nothing to suggest an effective treatment is “just around the corner.”

Along the way, we’ve learned that the deterioration in our brains that leads to Alzheimer’s probably begins 10-20 years before our brains show any symptoms of the disease, leading many to conclude that early prevention should be a top priority, and should be pursued as rigorously as drug development. Though not as well funded as the biomedical team, prevention advocates have generated an impressive body of scientific literature that leads to one simple conclusion: we must take better care of our bodies and brains if we hope to have any chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s. In effect, when it comes to our brain we have to Feed It, Work It, Play It and Rest It.

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Action Guide was written to condense all the latest evidence for prevention and present a framework that everyone can understand and implement. Author and attorney Michael Evers has been engaged in health care law and politics for more than 30 years, and brings a wealth of insight to this timely and important topic. His message of hope for those now suffering the early symptoms of dementia, their weary caregivers, and everyone else who wants to avoid the disease is loud and clear: Feed It, Work It, Play It and Rest It. This book will show you how.

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In Healthy Happy Cancer Free, Kelly Hansen, a two-time survivor of late stage breast cancer, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Professional Cancer Coach shares with us not only everything she learned along her personal journey of healing cancer, but years of research into what sets our body up for the best chance at success and even the possibility of a complete recovery, despite what the prognosis might be. Through her own experience with healing and coaching others through the process, she has learned the answer does not lie in the “either/or” arguments or even the search for a “cure,” as our culture would have us believe, but rather through taking a more comprehensive approach which incorporates all modalities and one that is focused on HEALING.

This book is for anyone currently facing cancer and those who love and support them. It is not an “anti-chemo” book or one that expounds on the various conspiracy theories currently popular in this field. The best way to heal cancer is to choose the path that most resonates with you, one you understand and can fully embrace and believe in. That is what this book will help you do. As Kelly guides you through the Ignite Your Inner H.E.A.L.E.R. process, you will come to understand not only how and why cancer has appeared in your life, but discover the best course of action to take to make sure you empower every ounce of your body’s natural ability to eliminate disease and heal so you can get back to your life…and THRIVE!

Our bodies are fascinating machines. Despite our relatively limited understanding of them, one thing we do know is they are inherently programmed and designed to be healthy. So, when illness ensues, especially one as complicated as cancer, this is a sign something has gone incredibly wrong.

Modern or “Western” medicine has proven to be somewhat successful at addressing the problem on the surface with drugs, surgery, radiation and other techniques. Yet, by failing to take a more comprehensive approach and answer the questions, “What went wrong?” and “What might be preventing the body from doing its natural job of eliminating disease and healing?”, this approach not only potentially sets the patient up for other health complications or recurrence at a later point, but entirely misses the greater opportunity of achieving complete healing and sustainable long-term health.

Kelly Hansen, HC, CPCC, ACC is a coach, consultant, lecturer and life transformation counselor in the fields of health; cancer prevention & healing; and self-fulfillment. She has a B.S. from California State University, Chico and an M.S. from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She currently lives in Sedona, Arizona where she enjoys hiking the beautiful red rocks and exploring the “next best things” in healing.

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Overcoming Life’s Obstacles is as real as it gets. This book was written for people who TRULY want a change in their lives. If you like the truth, and you can handle the truth, then this book is for you! The author doesn’t sugar-coat anything. Stephanie Lahart discusses various topics about life that will encourage the reader to look at “what is” and face their truth head-on.

Facing and accepting the truth can sometimes be a difficult task to overcome. With that being said, allow yourself to experience every emotion that you may feel while reading this book, and know that it’s okay to do so.

You will be intrigued as you read passages such as: I Made It, No Longer, Until You Get Enough, I’m Staying for the Kids, Give Me a Chance, Never Felt Love, and SO much more!

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles is unlike any other book on the market. Why? Because Stephanie Lahart doesn’t shy away from topics that many others like to stay away from. She understands that people from all walks of life have experienced many of the things that she’s written about. She also understands that nobody is exempt from the things that life can sometimes throw our way.

Face YOUR truth and heal. Face YOUR truth and move forward. Face YOUR truth and become a better person. Face YOUR truth and be completely free and happy within. Face YOUR truth and live YOUR best life! You owe it to yourself because you are valuable. Yes you are!

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Fifteen-year-old Brent Stabler is trying to find his place in the popular crowd at Eastbrook High School. When Brent meets Nadia, he thinks that she is the one. Brent will do anything to be with Nadia, especially since dating her will propel him to the top of the social ladder. But when Nadia finally gives Brent a chance, he realizes that his heart belongs to someone else.

The Perfect Smile is a novella about finding love where you least expect it.

Books in the Eastbrook Series:

The Perfect Smile (Book 0.5)

The Photograph (Book 1)

The Evolution of Lillie Gable (Book 2)

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“Dr. Seuss meets Louise Hay” – This books offers each child the chance to build their self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth and self-love! An incredible rhyming book that keeps children of all ages intrigued and takes them on a journey of self-discovery. This book teaches children to DREAM BIG and to trust and follow their inner-voice. Most suitable for ages 4-12.

This is more than just a “book” – it is a message that will resonate with the spirit of every child who reads it, or who has it read to them!

Positive and enlightening, this book has bought tears to the eyes of many parents who have been searching for that book that can instil belief in their child, so that the child learns they are “good enough”, and has the courage to follow their dreams, and search for their life’s purpose, and make a difference in the world.


Included in this book is a “workbook” that helps children to brainstorm their ideas, to write them down, get clarity on them, and to believe they can have ANYTHING they want.


This book also comes with a FREE BONUS e-book download, called “Affirmations for children”.

Scroll to the top to buy this true gift for your child NOW, and be sure to leave an honest review once you have read this book.

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—> We have a special bonus for anyone who buys the book during the Amazon launch period of the 15th to the 16th of January, 2016! <---
Details inside the book you will receive the extremely moving and insightful one hour audio interview with his mother, “Walking His Life in Her Shoes”. Remember: All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Camp Quality.

Michael has an absolute passion and belief in people’s ability to change direction and become who they truly want to be and achieve success. This passion stems from his own story …

Before Michael was even one year old, he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of the central nervous system – a tumor had taken over half of his tiny body. The chance of Michael surviving was virtually non-existent. He started chemotherapy at 1 year old and by his second birthday, doctors had basically given up all hope. His only hope was taking part in a drug trial program – a program of which Michael was the only participant to survive the treatment. Although he survived, he was left with some permanent scars – only one lung, a damaged heart and a sensitive immune system.

Michael Crossland sets an example for all of us. He’s a man who has faced (and still faces) extreme challenges in life, but he never gives up. And despite his own obstacles, he always puts others before himself and gives so much to people in need.

A true inspiration. A true hero.

About the Author:

As one of Australia’s most sought after inspirational speakers Michael has defied the odds of a life threatening cancer to build his life of exceptional achievements. He is a regular inspirational speaker for corporations, schools, professional sporting organisations and universities throughout the world. In the last 12 months Michael has presented in front of over 250,000 people around the globe. His journey has been shared on many TV programs including Fox Sports, ABC, ChannelSeven & Nine networks, Full Potential TV, The Get Inspired Project, Inspire Me Today program and countless radio shows throughout America, Fiji and Australia.

Along with his award winning program about his life on Australian Stories, Michael has also recently featured in a humanitarian documentary about the countless lives saved through his orphanage and school in Haiti that he is involved with.

Diagnosed before his first birthday and spending over ¼ of his life in hospital, doctors told him school and sport were not options. Infection and fatigue were too great a risk, reaching his teenage years would be a miracle. His only wish was to lead a normal life and be able to do all the things that other kids took for granted every day.

But he had a dream and the undying determination to achieve the impossible… No matter the size of the obstacles that lay ahead. Now, an accomplished businessman, National Ambassador for Camp Quality, Australian of the Year finalist, Australia Day Ambassador and international hall of fame inductee, Michael inspires people from all walks of life.

It is no doubt he has a heart for giving and a skill to engage people from all walks of life. Within the last five years he has gone from being one of the youngest State Development Managers for one of the largest companies in the world, to running five banks then leaving his finance career to follow his dreams in making a global impact and he certainly has done that!

Michael’s story “Field of Dreams” was documented on Australian Story, ABC TV television. Through this documentary, his message touched the hearts of a nation, with his story of how he overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve success in both his personal and professional life.

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Deep Space is where we want to go but we are limited by our knowledge and understanding of the universe. If we knew more about why the universe looks the way it does, could we not go further?

Over the last hundred years, through technological advances humanity has been able to reach out and observe the great cosmic mysteries. Penetrating over 15,000,000,000 light years into the past only to find more and more enigmas compounding upon our original, fantastical, and yet unresolved discoveries. Imagine if our understanding of the foundations of astrophysics were intact. Where would we be able to go? In this book, Keys to Unlocking the Universe, Clemons Kunkel presents his ground breaking theories on all great scientific discoveries, such as Black Holes, Dark Matter, and the Dark Energy, that were previously disjointed, now brought together in one cohesive theory. Through four years of presentations and research into the theories, he has discovered over thirty- seven empirical evidences providing substantial, undeniable validation beyond coincidence. A cornerstone of this theory includes the events (CMB, Great Attractor, Great Wall, Great Void) viewed previously as isolated, unknown phenomena can now be understood as integral.

New theories that explain why the universe looks the way it does, because it has to. This is not Super String Theory or M theory or Super Gravity Theory; it is a totally new mind-blowing theory by the Super Professor.

Like how space is squeezed and pushed on by the other dimensions .Do you think it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light? He thinks so. Do you know how fast you are traveling in space right now? If you take just one of the speeds like the Milky Way galaxy that we live in, it is moving toward a region of space call the GREAT ATTRACTOR at a breakneck speed of 14,000,000 (14 Million) miles an hour. What if we were to use the speeds that we already have to help us reach that unbelievable speed of light (186,282 miles per second) and not break the know laws of science, what would that be worth in space travel? Just think about living on an exoplanet (planets around other suns) would you even want to go to another world? Mars One has a fantastic idea of putting people on Mars. More than 2000 brave and adventurous people sign up to live on Mar, did you sign up? Clemons Kunkel did because he thinks we must get use to traveling to another planet close to us before we can try deep space exploration. This well take some time getting everything put together to live off earth, but time is something that we may not have that much of. Why? There have been 5 mass extinctions here on earth and we should not be here for the six catastrophe event, space is where we must go to survive. We are also destroying earth resources, there are just too many of us, but there is an easy solution, move into space where there is plenty of room for us to live, we just need a better way of getting around the cosmos. The new theories in this book maybe what we need to make that possible. So come on in and read these unbelievable theories, of why our universe looks the way it does. It is caused by a joining of two universes that make up to one universe we see today and could there even be more than two joining? There is a lot that we see that we do not understand. Is it because we are looking at the universe wrong? What if we knew that we are one of the smaller universe and look at the universe from that point of view could we not understand more? It is a big step to go that way but he says we must to get further in to space. Clemons say looking at the universe this way help to make everything clearer. So take a chance and look inside and be amazed at what you will discover in (Keys to Unlocking the Universe).

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