Rise Above the Cloud with Digital Marketing” provides both an overview and winning strategies for each of the major components that make up the world of digital marketing, which includes Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Podcasting, Book Publishing, Social Media and Marketing Automation Tools. This book will provide the reader a valuable roadmap on how to rise above theCloud”, build a trustworthy relationship with their clients through engagement strategies and stand out among their competitors. The content in this book will show the reader how to develop credibility with their target audience, generate leads and build their customer list. It will also include information, guidance and tools that might be most relevant to their business, which can help to create an affinity for their product brand or service.

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Rise Above the Cloud with Digital Marketing” provides both an overview and winning strategies for each of the major components that make up the world of digital marketing, which includes Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Podcasting, Book Publishing, Social Media and Marketing Automation Tools. This book will provide the reader a valuable roadmap on how to rise above theCloud”, build a trustworthy relationship with their clients through engagement strategies and stand out among their competitors. The content in this book will show the reader how to develop credibility with their target audience, generate leads and build their customer list. It will also include information, guidance and tools that might be most relevant to their business, which can help to create an affinity for their product brand or service.

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The rise of the executive assistant from humble secretarial duties in a pencil skirt to becoming the ultimate assistant who ascends behind every leader to hold her own at the top of the food chain may seem a far fetched dream. That is until you meet celebrity assistant & talent coordinator, Penelope Mohoto-Sebilwane

She had the audacity to build a six-figure career as an assistant (a testimony candidly laid within pages of The Highly Paid Help). With an entourage of more than 10 top-tier assistants in her employ, professionally aiding her operations as a consulting assistant to celebrity publicists, award winning celebrity talent in day-time TV, media personalities, celebrity chefs, stylists, authors, celebrity speakers and red carpet event producers, Penelope’s enterprising skills are among the showbiz world’s well-kept secrets.

For nearly a decade she lied about her profession as an EA turned celebrity assistant to family and friends. Assistants are often assigned a bottom-of-the-foodchain persona with no ambition and she could not bare being seen in that light. Nobody could ever have thought of her that way, except some of the socially indocrinated colleagues she met over the years. She thought, how could those around her understand her decision to abandon marketing & event planning to battle corporate corridors as an assistant if they held such isolating and condescending beliefs along with the rest of society.

It is the six-figure attainment road trip she embarked on along her daring way to change the image of the Personal Assistant that forms much of the pages of the book. Her experience defies everything we have heard, and all the limitations we perceive and bestow upon Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants. Getting published became a way to come out of the self imposed closet much of her career has been confined in. A feat she once imagined unattainable because who in their right mind takes wisdom from PAs – right! That limitation was shattered 8 years ago when she came across “Be The Ultimate Assistant” -authored by another pioneering celebrity assistant, Bonnie Low-Karmen.

If you aim to end up commanding top dollar as an assistant, one simply cannot afford to subscribe to the status quo, which as Penelope shows in this documentation of her experience, takes far more than administrative tasks.

Pregnant with insights, hard-won lessons, taking from years in the industry and a rhobust personal road trip to transcend the stereotype that comes with the role of the assistant, she shows you how to:

1. become the office help with a fulfilling agenda

2. find purpose to explode your pay check

3. immerse yourself in the business and industry that is aligned with your interests

4. unleash your intrinsic worth

5. get on the road trip to a life of six-figure making assistants

6. exploit the access you have to society powers and the helm of industries

7. discover the benefit of knowing yourself as the most powerful person in any office

8. find inspired ways to rise behind every leader

9. run your role with brand value

10. design & style your assistant brand and career

11. turn your expertise into the highly paid help

12. evolve from the administrative workforce to the business of support experts

Though focused on rising to the top as an assistant, becoming the office help gets an image rehabilitation when you view it through the battles and journey she shares in every scenario. It is a view that positions assistants as industry experts on par with any other field expert, highlighting their authority and unspoken influence in business and the general society. Penelope’s account demonstrates ways assistants can become leaders on their own turf and transform the profession into a cool dream job (instead of the ugly duckling of business professions)

With this material – here’s to the next generation of Executive Assistants and PAs.

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Imagine if you could get a second shot at life. How would you design it and where do you begin?

Is there any way to completely transform your life that doesn’t involve a fad or craze?

Is there a way to achieve lasting change that will instantly remove the barriers to success?

Is there an answer to why reaching your goals has been so elusive?

It took 12 years of clinical and practical research in the fields of physics, medicine, and spirituality to discover the simplest way to unlink your past from your potential so you can live the life you have always imagined.

Discover why lasting success is so elusive for you and how to achieve it without selling out or burning out. It is all possible when you learn the 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula in the newest book SOAR – Think Bigger. Move Faster. Rise Higher., by Koni Scavella, PhD.

SOAR. is the ultimate guide for living the highest expression of yourself with effortless ease. By integrating years of research in the fields of medicine, quantum physics and spirituality, Koni Scavella, developed this new formula after her Near-Death experience to simplify your life and accelerate the speed with which you achieve your dreams.

Today, we live in a society that seems to be on a frenzied quest for instant gratification, external distractions and quick fixes. Even with the rapid advances in technology, we still suffer from stress, overwhelm, insecurity, and frustration as we fall farther away from our dream life. Few know what it takes to “have it all without paying a very hefty price for it.

All the super solutions, fast fixes and millions in minutes programs seem to disappear as soon as the next fad arises. What you learn in this book will become a new standard for success in all areas of life.

The beauty of the SOAR. FormulaTM is its universal application for anyone…regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic standing, education level or spiritual conviction. Everything has been streamlined into the 4 simple steps which can take less than 4 minutes.

The author has done extensive testing and research into advances in human consciousness and behavior predictability, neuroscience and quantum physics to develop one elegantly simple formula that will enhance all areas of your life at once.

Evocatively written with inspiring stories, exercises, and compelling research, SOAR will help you THINK BIGGER, MOVE FASTER and RISE HIGHER so you can live an unlimited life… on earth as she did in heaven

icluded in this book are all the detailed charts, diagrams and resources you need to esperience the success, joy and happiness in life and business you have always wanted.

Best of all, the transformations last!

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The Book You Need Before You Buy That Accounting Software

How Find, Buy and Implement the Best Accounting Software Solution For Your Business

Running a small, medium or large size business today has never been more demanding. The complexities involved in record keeping, accounting, tax, and other management tasks take up significant resources and time. And with profits always in mind, finding ways to stay competitive and building a robust set of systems, it can seem all too hard to invest the time required to optimise those accounting and management software solutions. In our experience most business owners or managers are simply not aware that there are better solutions in the marketplace. The hidden losses in any business occur when staff are performing tasks that are labor intensive involving hours of manual work in order to produce a result. Often these procedures can be streamlined or enhanced with the right solution and could repay the investment with just one area improved in your business!

What’s Inside:

  • Create a Plan for successful software purchase
  • Getting Organised
  • Comparing Prices
  • Cloud vs Desktop Accounting
  • Implementing Your Software the right way

˃˃˃ When you buy the book don’t forget to register your book for the free bonuses.

Details inside the book.

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Why is this Ferocious For Joy? And not “How to become more joyful – 7 steps to go from Blah Blah to Rah-Rah.” Or “How to Get Over Depression – Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

Joy has been sold as fairy floss or if you are really lucky a yummy dessert. To most joy reminds them of “Tigger” in Winnie The Pooh. Joy has been given a bad rap in terms of narrowing the expression and meaning of Joy. If you are depressed the last thing, you are wanting is to be bouncy and overly excitable for no apparent reason.

The most common statement in counselling for those that are suffering depression is:

“I just want to be happy.” Happy is transient.

The purpose of this book is not for information (there is enough of that on the internet); it is for transformation from static to ecstatic. This book will reveal the secrets to having:

• More Abundance, Energy And Vitality

• An Abiding State of Happiness Regardless of Circumstance

• Complete Engagement With Life

Ferocious For Joy was born from concern and care for my friends…That’s you if you are reading this book. You see you have been ripped off by society who have sold you a dud on real happiness. Selling cheap imitations that fall apart after a couple of uses. You have been robbed of your joy and “Ferocious For Joy” will give you the power to fight back and restore it. Joy is not belittling your difficult circumstance or dismissing your predicament. Joy will empower you to rise above your circumstances and have a smile on your face that isn’t fake but has come from from deep inner joy. It is time to find your joy my friend you deserve it, you’re worth it xo Share your joy xo Belinda Ingels

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How do you rise above the norm and make a difference in the life of a griever? What if you wanted to be that better friend or family member to those in your life who go through the grieving process?

Nobody really wants to experience loss, pain, heartache, disappointment, grief or mourning, whether it’s personal or someone else’s experience.

Commonly the dominant method of dealing with grief and loss of others is avoidance. The default ways of coping with grief or consoling the griever tend to be to change the subject, stuff it down, explain it away in an attempt to prevent grief’s symptoms, or try to get away from it quickly. Grief feels uncomfortable, so sidestepping is our first reaction and then perhaps the offer of trite condolences at best, or worse something thoughtless and unintentionally damaging.

Yet grief is best processed with the help of friends or relatives. Grief is as natural as bleeding when you cut your arm, and time and attention is needed to heal. Just as ignoring the cut can lead to infection, so too thwarted grief can cause issues in one’s life, whether evident immediately or later. Some cuts require the aid of others to properly heal.

David Knapp’s personal experience of going through the deep grieving process twice in life did more than temporarily affect him. It motivated him to become a student of what was going on in and around him. He observed how friends and colleagues reacted to the stunning loss of not just one wife to cancer, but his second wife as well, plus the early loss of his parents and other ‘life’ situations. He noted what people did and said that was helpful and what was hurtful.

The knowledge he gained from his observations and research soon drove Knapp to reach out and help others experiencing loss in ways that few had done for him. He began to see that most people, whether friends or family or in professional capacities, really did want to connect with a person in grief, but fear, ignorance or verbal clumsiness held them back. And just like First-Aid 101, there were things that could be learned.

What started as an occasional phone call turned into many requests regarding the grief process, or asking what to say and what NOT to say.

Kindly he’d explain what it was like for him during the grieving process and how he could have been helped. More than one friend admitted, “I didn’t know what to say.”

Born out of these cumulative experiences of helping his immediate family and countless unknown connections across the nation, comes his book, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Being A Better Friend To Those Who Experience Loss.

This is not a typical book on grief. Knapp’s dominant objective for writing his compelling story, interspersed throughout the book, is to help people — young or old, male or female, friend or professional — who find themselves close to a grieving individual. It is his deep desire to empower people to be better friends to the grieving.

His professional background includes many years of teaching. Readers will find that showing through as he shares practical suggestions for dealing with varying kinds of loss. For the hurried reader, there are lists that are helpful. The book offers practical insight and help on how to go through the tumultuous grieving process with others.

Chapters cover losses of pets, divorce, children (by any means), relatives and spouses. He offers helpful insight in understanding gender, cultural and religious differences of people in grief and how those factors affect what one says and does.

Those in mourning will appreciate that he does not side-step the timing of heavy grieving. Empathetically he reassures the griever that in time one can emerge a whole person ready for wherever their journey takes them next.

Grief cannot be avoided. It will knock at your door from time to time throughout your life’s journey. But you can be prepared and you can be a better friend to someone experiencing loss.

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Happiness. It’s a universal desire to seek a happy and successful life. Yet in today’s crazy busy world, happiness and success seems more elusive. Despite technological advances, the rise of social media and increased connectivity, studies show an alarming trend – happiness levels are on the decline. We don’t flourish when we’re not happy. What can be done?

There’s good news! We can reinvent our happiness. Forty percent of your happiness is based on your voluntary actions – driven by your thoughts and behaviors. There are proven skills we can apply to dramatically increase our happiness levels.

Inside this book, bestselling author and leading CEO coach Chuck Bolton shares a step-by-step holistic framework to reinvent your happiness and become more successful. Want to flourish and thrive? Follow these five steps to greater happiness and success.

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Want to Start Your Own Business but DON’T HAVE A LOAD OF CASH?

This book will show you how!

It’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to owning your own Print Brokerage Business. All you really need to get started is confidence in yourself and a smart phone. Not a pile of cash!

Isn’t it time you experienced the personal, social, and financial rewards of being your own boss?

I’m an industry insider with decades of experience and I’ll teach you…

• How to structure your new business to take advantage of tax opportunities.

• How to find and cultivate loyal customers.

• How to identify and select trusted vendors who go out of their way to serve you.

• How to add more value to your customers’ experience and keep them coming back year after year.

• How to sell related services to increase your income and create even more customer loyalty.

And so much more.

I started with nothing and have helped my customers buy over 10 million dollars’ worth of printed products and so can you!

Don’t wait, get started right away! This book will give you the tools and confidence you need, to capture your share of this lucrative market.

What would it mean to you and your family if you could earn an extra $2000 or $5000 or more, per month?

What would it be like to work for yourself, make your own decisions, be responsible for your own success, and stop taking orders from someone else? What would it be like to start putting the company profits in your own pocket instead of the CEO’s?


It’s a real business opportunity and it takes effort and discipline. It’s not for everyone, but for less than a dollar you can learn if this opportunity is right for you. If you are courageous, tenacious, willing to learn, and you like people, you can succeed in this business.

I’ll teach you about marketing, selling, how to add value to every deal, how to find customers, which vendors to use and to avoid, how to handle the paperwork and follow up. And I’ll teach you the terms, techniques, and technical aspects of printing.

Historically, this ancient and noble profession has done more to modernize the world then computer technology, and investments in printing today still exceed 83 billion dollars annually. But with the rise in computing and mobile technology, the printing profession has virtually fallen off the radar so there is even less competition and more opportunities for you to be successful in this field.

Many people believe printing has been replaced by digital technology but it’s just not true. Every year we continue to prints enough paper to reach from here to the moon many times over. Now stop and think about this opportunity for you! What would it be like, for you and your family, to make a profit on even a tiny fragment of this gigantic market?

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been cashing in for almost 30 years and now I want to share my success with a few courageous entrepreneur. This book reveals all; my successes and my failures. It teach you insider secret so you can avoid many costly pitfalls and it will help you quickly start cashing in on this lucrative market. I’m so serious about helping you succeed that I actually put my phone number and email address right in the book so I can help you in person if you have questions.

Is a future in printing, as a print broker, right for you? Buy and read “PRINT YOUR SUCCESS”. It only costs a few pennies and when you’re done reading this book you’ll know if this opportunity fits your personality and you’ll have much more knowledge than I had when I started as a print broker in 1986.

I’ve worked hard in this business and I’ve lived well because of it. If you’re willing to learn and work hard, there’s no reason why you can’t have your share of 83 billion dollars. Just think… $83 billion this year, and the next, and the next, and the next and so on.

Want your share?

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In any society there are two ways to get things done-democracy or some form of dictatorship. Our founding fathers chose democracy. Democracy is about finding ways to reconcile and balance the needs of different groups. Today we see a rise in a group of people who are against democracy and whose extreme demands diminish compromise and deal-making.They are willing to trample rules and customs if it means getting what they want.The result is that they don’t recognize other people or the legitimacy of other ideas.Democracy working again depends on both political parties working together and having meaningful conversations. Not everyone will get exactly what they want for that is the beauty of democracy. It’s about give and take No candidate is perfect or will give all of us exactly what we want because democracy is about balance. How we make democracy work again for the many and not the few is what this book is about.The answer lies with everyone who reads this book and the solution is not as daunting as it may appear.

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