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Author Name: Gladys Kodjoe

When the king of the very influential Kingdom of Akansia marries Sey, a woman from London, little does he know that their worlds are about to collide in more ways than one. His is a life that has been brewed in the Akan traditions of Ghana since birth, and now as king, is fraught with endless responsibilities. Enthralled in the love shared with his wife, the young king allows himself to be lost in their passions to drown his anxieties. He understands that she is new to his life and tries to let her in slowly. Therefore, when it is later revealed to him of her possible connection to his kingdom’s long lost jewels, he is genuinely confused. He knows then too, that he will have to pursue that possibility and so embarks on an improbable journey that takes them deeper into Akansia royal mysteries and to even more unanswered questions.


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