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Author Name: Lana Amawi

Absolute and utter shutdown, job loss, school closings, cancelled travel and family visits. Curfew, masks, isolation, depression, anxiety, and death. Our familiar world that had always been so vast and boundless was reduced to the size of the palms of our hands. We watched in awe, shock, and horror as the COVID-19 virus spread its deadly cells from China to the rest of the world, invading even remote villages and secluded countrysides. Towns, cities, states, and continents were brought to their knees as local healthcare systems were forced to their breaking points, as they struggled to save their citizens. The healthcare professionals that are the spine to these life-saving institutions were one of the exceptions to the lockdown rule. The cry, “We came to work for you. Please stay home for us.” was echoed in a way that made us think a million times before leaving our respective homes. These warriors continue to fight the worst epidemic that has hit the history of this earth, trying desperately to save lives while endangering their own. The vaccine is finally here, but will it be enough? And these are their stories.


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