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Author Name: Darienne Mobley

Did you know that you have all that you need to live your best life right now? What are you waiting for? Let Author Darienne Mobley help you uncover it!

If you are not sure how to slow down enough and which questions to ask to get clear so that you can live with intention and purpose, you are holding the right book in your hand. The intention of
Dare to Choose Happy is for Darienne to share what she learned about herself and other women through her coaching to provide the framework for you to stop and examine what is working and what might need tweaking in your life.

The book is filled with thoughtful exercises that make you reflect deep down inside with intention and purpose. It makes you want to be honest with yourself. You will relate to Darienne because she uses her own experiences as examples. She is open, honest, and raw. You can feel her pain and passion in her honesty. She provides you with the resources and tools to help organize your thoughts, your daily tasks as well as you goals and purpose.

The reader will truly find their happy and will ask themselves, why did it take this book to help me discover it?

-Live Your Life
-Love Your Journey
-Thrive with intention and purpose

This book was created for YOU!

I Dare You to Choose "Happy"! What Are You Waiting For?


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