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Author Name: Natalie McQueen,Lynn Sanders

We never know when our time on Earth is over. After a near-death experience, Natalie realizes the importance of living life with no regrets, leaving nothing unsaid, and feeling the comfort and satisfaction of passing on a legacy for family and future generations. Leaving a legacy is much more than providing an inheritance, trust fund or real estate empire to your heirs. It needs to include your pivotal, precious moments. The times that shaped your life. Besides that, all your documents need to be in order, so the important people in your life know where to find them. Gifts Of Legacy offers a creative, comprehensive guide to create, organize and share your personal stories and information. Through its stories and instructions, you’ll have an invaluable resource to ensure your family’s peace of mind. Through Natalie’s one-of-a-kind system, you’ll gain the knowledge and inspiration to take care of all the important details in your life before it’s too late. Let Natalie walk you through all the corners of your life. Use this guide to provide your loved ones with eternal keepsakes and memories. Rely on it as a framework to give your family details on everything from end-of-life care, bank accounts and passwords to locations of documents. It’s never too early or too late to get started on leaving your legacy. Don’t leave a mess behind, leave a gift of legacy! Your family and future generations will be forever grateful.


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