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Author Name: Ann, Lisa

You're not here by chance, you're here by divine appointment.

Whether it's seeking a spiritual connection to show you a path, scrolling through social media, the latest DNA test in hopes to reconnect with lost family, or getting lost in worldly experiences, people spend their entire lives trying to discover who they are, and their purpose on Earth.

Often our identity is obstructed by the negativity of media influences, what others have told us about ourselves, and painful life experiences.

Now more than ever, we are uncertain of a future where we face unanswered questions and problems we cannot solve. 

Kingdom Identity is for those looking for a path to a more meaningful life. It gives you personal insight to break off any burdens that have kept you from living a peaceful life free from the worldly toxins that have poised you against your destiny.

Each chapter will bring new understanding and emotional healing to your soul.

Author Lisa Ann invites you to:

  • Identify and Encounter The Spirit of God.
  • Discover Who You Were Created to Be. 
  • Release Healing Prayers and Declarations That Activate Wholeness.
  • Step Into Your Destiny Through Emotional Healing and Restore Your Soul.
  • Discover Your Purpose to Further the Kingdom of God Here on Earth.

Begin your journey today into the deeper place you've been searching for. 

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