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Author Name: Sirpilla, Johnny | Butterworth, Bill |

Captivating f rom the first page to the last. With refreshing honesty, candor, grace, and ease, Johnny Sirpilla -–a master storyteller-- serves as our guide through a life story that seems too traumatic to be true, yet true it is. Johnny and Susan Sirpilla were a happily married couple. Like so many couples, they wanted to be parents. This is their astonishing story that included thirteen different scenarios to build a family. From infertility to unexpected dangerous pregnancies, adoptions, international adoptions, twins, triplets, life-threatening medical concerns, moral and faith crossroads, their story never ceases to fascinate. Through their journey, you’ll discover the mindset that will set you on a course of positivity and resilience to navigate any of your own difficult times in life. The genius of valuable insights through cognitive-behavioral therapies on important topics such as: As Founder and CEO of Encourage LLC, Johnny specializes in leadership development. Every year he addresses organizations with his message of the importance of managing and reframing thoughts, modeling healthy thinking, and searching for positive meaning. Developing meaningful professional and personal relationships that genuinely reflect the personal brand of the individual and organization create synergies that drive growth for all stakeholders. You won’t be able to put the book down. You will learn the lesson we all must embrace— Life is Hard but I’ll Be Ok. Foreword by Dr. Nido Qubein Epilogue by Dr. Barb Fordyce, Ph.D.


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