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Author Name: Christopher Goff

The times and laws are changing. Pay Transparency: Readying Your Organization For Pay Equity Legislation is both a cautionary message and a guide for organizations facing sudden and dramatic legal requirements for how they manage compensation.

Initially writing in response to California's comprehensive pay transparency law, 17-year veteran compensation and sales operations advisor, speaker, and founder of Sales Comp Guy, Christopher Goff, guides you through the process of preparing your organization for pay transparency.

Inside, you'll find:
  • Information on many of the most disruptive and demanding pay transparency laws in the United States.
  • How to collect the data you'll need to meet compliance for reporting.
  • Instructions on how to build out your pay structures.
  • Guidance on how to analyze your data for disparities.
  • A FREE downloadable checklist to get you from start to finish so that you're ready if and when your state or locality updates its legislative requirements.
This guide in no way constitutes legal guidance. Instead, it offers practical strategies for organizing your pay structure in a way that makes it easier for you to adapt to the myriad of changes in upcoming pay transparency and pay equity laws.


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