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Author Name: Aghay, Iman | Avines, Amber | Janese, Amy | Hussain, David | Thomas, Denise | Alexander, Diann | Johnson, Erik K. | Shaw, Jan | Anderson, Janelle | Steinbach, Janice | Fairbrother, Jay | Oneschuk, James | White, Joyce Lynn | Quinne, Julie | Bonnett-Natraj, Karen | Jackson-Loo, Laura | Kaye, Linda B | Scott, Lorraine Ellen | Fremont, Madhuri Michele | Grissom, Malcolm | Harvey, Nicholas | Cowan, Pamela | Wainberg, Peter | Dewangan, Ramesh | White, Tonya | Noethling, Vicki | Lyon, Wendy |

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and other successful professionals for the past sixteen years. As a business mentor, I see the complex interworking of an entrepreneur’s life. I have the privilege of knowing what goes on behind the scenes. I am humbled when I see what it takes for entrepreneurs to realize their achievements.

The Game Changer Book Series is a collection of these behind-the-scenes stories – stories that most people never realize have laid the foundation for a successful business or company. These stories are personal, and connected to the authors’ hearts, and many of them are being shared for the first time with you, our reader. As I read this collection, I could not stop thinking about this old adage: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about! Be kind, always…”

The twenty-seven authors in Vol. 8 reveal some of the hardest times and darkest moments that entrepreneurs live through. Their experiences are real and deeply personal. Many of the chapters tell of bad choices and overcoming mistakes.

However, all of them share something in common: a turning point—the turning point that changed the author’s life forever. These stories are very dear to each author, and I am honored to be able to share their experiences with you. I hope that each of these stories touches you as deeply as I have been touched.


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