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Author Name: Jenn Simmons

Dr. Jenn Simmons is an Integrative Oncologist, Breast Surgeon, Author, Podcast Host, and the founder of PerfeQTion Imaging. Her journey into breast cancer care began with a personal tragedy. At the age of 16, Dr. Jenn's cousin, acclaimed singer-songwriter Linda Creed, died of metastatic breast cancer just weeks after Whitney Houston's recording of her iconic song, "The Greatest Love of All," topped the charts. This loss became a defining moment, inspiring Dr. Jenn to dedicate her life to transforming how we approach breast cancer treatment and prevention.

Dr. Jenn became Philadelphia's first fellowship-trained breast surgeon and spent 17 years leading the field. However, her perspective changed significantly when she became a patient herself. Through this personal experience, Dr. Jenn saw how broken the conventional medical system can be. This led her to discover and embrace functional medicine, a revelation that sparked her journey towards a more holistic approach to breast cancer care.

This personal journey led her to create Real Health MD in 2019, a practice dedicated to holistic healing for breast cancer. It integrates conventional wisdom with root cause medicine and the drivers of health: nutrition, lifestyle changes, detoxification, and stress management. Dr. Jenn's innovative approach doesn't stop there. As the founder of PerfeQTion Imaging, she is establishing safe imaging centers across the nation, armed with revolutionary technology that promises to redefine breast cancer screening. This technology is not only fast and safe but also comfortable, affordable, radiation-free, and boasts 40 times the resolution of MRI. It has received FDA clearance, signaling a new era in breast health and breast cancer screening.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Jenn hosts the "Keeping Abreast" podcast, where she shares her expertise and encourages women to take control of their breast health. Her book, "The Smart Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer," challenges conventional wisdom and promotes a holistic approach. It emphasizes the importance of nutrition, lifestyle choices, and addressing environmental toxins, providing practical steps for women seeking to navigate breast cancer treatment and regain control of their health.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Jenn is a devoted wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, and athlete. Her life's mission is deeply personal, rooted in her cousin's memory, and driven by a desire to make a lasting impact on all those who desire breast health. As she famously says, "Breast Health is Health!"


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