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Author Name: Henning, Amberly

Contained in Darkness is a fantasy novel written by Amberly Henning. Below is the description on the back of the book.

We start at the beginning. Our protagonist wakes up barefoot, covered in blood, and surrounded by the dead. Without a name or memories, she decides to run. She is saved by Sir Septimus Sabine who gives her a name, Iro, and leaves her in the trusting hands of Mother Bordeaux. But in a twist of fate, Mother Bordeaux sells Iro to the greedy King of Bast as a nanny. Bast is in the middle of a famine, a rebellion, and quite possibly a curse. By day, Iro suffers from violent visions. By night, she has vivid dreams of a life she might have lived. Unlocking the reasons for her dreams and visions might not only save herself but the entire country as well.



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