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Author Name: Jessie Bowen

Unforgiveness has been a curse that mankind has had to fight against since the beginning of time. Consider how many lives have been lost, how many relationships have been ruined, and how much money has been lost due to resentment and the inability to forgive.

Dr. Jessie Bowen, who has a Ph.D. in Christian Humanities and is also a Christian minister, has written a book about how to stop the cycle of resentment and unforgiveness that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Your inability to forgive is not hardwired into your brain; it is something you've been taught to do by your family or your environment. This book helps the reader become cognizant of the taught pattern and the psychological component that sustains a lack of forgiveness. Forgiveness journaling and meditation activities for shifting one's thinking are included as well.


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