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Gifts Of Legacy LLC

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Natalie McQueen is the Founder of Gifts of Legacy, an Bestselling Author, Publisher, and Director of International Bestseller Marketing with Elite Publications, Certified in Mindset Mastery, and the Create Your Legacy Speaker and Coach.

Natalie is a Publishing & Best Selling Expert. Her powerful bestseller marketing techniques have successfully brought over 350 authors to the #1 International Bestseller rankings.

After a near-death experience, she realized the importance of sharing with loved ones the treasures you hold within you, your legacy story.

Forming her company Gifts of Legacy, Natalie has a one-of-a-kind system that guides families of all ages, young and old, to create their best lives, live with intention, and share their traditions that will touch the lives of their future generations

Her personal mission is to empower people to share the wisdom of their life through her heartfelt message  

"Don't leave a mess, Leave a Legacy!"

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book-alerts.jpg God Forgives. Why Not You?: Breaking the Generational Chains of Unforgiveness 18 Nov 2022
book-alerts.jpg Courage Rises: How to Create The Life You Want By Leaning In To Fear 26 Oct 2022
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book-alerts.jpg Sticks and Stones 03 Aug 2022
book-alerts.jpg The Slippery Slope: The Optimal Journey to Oneself Parent-Teacher-Caregiver Edition 13 Jul 2022
book-alerts.jpg The Changing Lives Series: AMAAF Special Tribute to Bill "Superfoot" Wallace 12 Jul 2022
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