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Author Name: Brian L Kent PhD

The R Factor covers leadership, accountability, process, and decision making. However, its primary focus is understanding Relationship Management and its critical role in effective leadership. By the end, you’ll have a good grasp of techniques that have proven successful for me and the businesses I’ve worked with. We’ll tackle common issues faced by leaders across different industries and look at how they handle decision-making. We’ll also focus on understanding your team’s goals and how managing relationships can help achieve them. This includes knowing what your team wants and their aspirations, as well as dealing with the ups and downs of sales and funding. Finally, we’ll discuss practical ways
to blend relationship management into your leadership style, ensuring you can effectively lead your team in day-to-day operations as well as through scaling your business.

Dr. Brian ‘BK’ Kent is a global leader and senior consultant focusing on International and Domestic Operations. He advises businesses in areas of Business Processes, Technology Transfer/ Transition, Real Estate, and Investing. He has served also as a CEO and CFO for multiple companies, as well as in academic roles as Principal Investor, Business and Finance Professor and Executive Director for the Center for Defense and Homeland Security (CDHS). Through his engagement with emerging technologies, he has supported DARPA and the DoD Acquisition Industry. He builds on structure, scaling, and leaning processes.


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